Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1125


The two sons of Aineisleis ua Eidhin i.e. Flann and the Gilla Ruadh, two kings of Uí Fhiachrach Aidne, were treacherously killed by Conchobor ua Flaithbertaigh at Bun Gaillimhe.

Gilla Braide, king of Bréifne, was killed by his own people.

Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill was deposed by Tairdelbach and Tigernán.

Annal CS1126


Énna son of Murchad i.e. son of Donnchad king of Laigin, dies.

An army was brought by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir. and he gave the kingship of Laigin and the foreigners to his own son, Conchobor.

Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill was again in Mide.

Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir had a great encampment in Urmumu from the first of August to the festival of Brigit, and from that encampment he plundered Tír Chonaill once again to


Móin Mór and Glenn Maghair and once to southern Osraige, and inflicted slaughter on the Osraige including ua Caroc.

Domnall Finn ua Dubda was drowned when bringing a prey from Cenél Conaill.

Annal CS1127


Gilla Críst ua Maíleoin, abbot of Cluaín moccu Nóis, the fount of wisdom and charity, the head of wealth and riches of Ireland, rested.

Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill was deposed. His son Domnall was set in his place. Domnall was deposed within three months and Diarmait ua Mael Sechnaill was set in the place of both of them.

A battle between two kings of Ulaid in which fell Aed ua Mathgamna and Niall son of Donnslébhe ua Eochadha.

Annal CS1128


Gilla an Coimdedh son of Conn Delbnach, viceabbot of Cluaín moccu Nóis, rested.

Annal CS1129


Magnus grandson of Lochlann, king of Cenél Eogain and the north, was killed by the Cenél Moain.

Cellach, successor of Pátraic and chief bishop of Ireland, died in Ard Pátraic and was buried in Les Mór.

Great heat in this year, and it ruined the cornfields.

The altar of the great stone church of Cluain moccu Nóis was opened and valuables taken from it i.e. the carrachán of Solomon's temple that was given by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall and the cup of Donnchadh son of Flann and the three valuables that Toirdelbach ua Conchubuir gave i.e. a silver goblet and a cup of silver with a gold cross on it and a horn with gold and the horn of ua Riatai king of Arad and a silver chalice gilded with its paten and the silver cup of Cellach successor of Pátraic.