Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1095

Kalends of January.

Taichlech ua Egra, king of Luigne, was killed.

Domnall ua Muiricén, king of Tebtha, and Amlaíb son of Cú Meda treacherously killed in captivity in Mumu.

Cluain moccu Nóis was plundered by the Conmaicne, and the door of the church blocked with stones.

This year is the year of the plague, and it is not possible to count the people it killed.

Great preying on Cluain moccu Nóis by evil men in this year so that the entire settlement was almost completely laid waste and the women could not dwell apart but were mingled with their husbands.

Annal CS1096

Kalends of January.

The year in which the feast of John fell on a Friday, and great fear seized the men of Ireland on account of it, and what the clerics of Ireland resolved on to dispel it was that there should be a three-days fast each month and abstention every day for a year and alms should be given to the Lord. The kings of Ireland gave freedom to many churches that were liable to tribute.

Muirchertach ua Dubda, king of Uí Amalgaid and Uí Fiachrach, was killed by his own people.

Ua Flaithnén, successor of Ciarán, went on pilgrimage.

Annal CS1097

Kalends of January.

Tadc son of Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir, king of Connacht, was killed by his own people.

Flaithbertach went into his native territory to Aed ua Conchobuir and the kingship of Síl Muiredaigh was given to him.

Mael Brigte ua Brolchán, bishop of Cell Dara, rested.


The bell-tower of Mainister was burned with the scriptorium therein.

The year of abundant nuts.

Annal CS1098

Kalends of January.

A rainy and fruitful year.

Flaithbertach ua Flaithbertaigh was killed by the Síl Muiredaigh in vengeance for the blinding of Ruaidrí.

Mide was laid waste between Donnchad ua Mael Sechnaill and Conchobor ua Mael Sechnaill.

Domnall ua Éinne, chief bishop of Mumu, rested in the seventy-sixth year of his age.

Great snow in this year.

Annal CS1099

Kalends of January.

A battle-rout inflicted by western Tebtha on eastern Tebtha in which fell Muirchertach ua Airt, king of Tebtha, and ua Lachtnáin.

Derbforgaill daughter of Tadc ua Gilla Pádraic, mother of Muirchertach ua Briain, died.