Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1085

Kalends of January.

Destruction of people and stock in this year.

The son of Domnall ua Ruairc, king of Uí Briúin, was treacherously killed.

Annal CS1086

Kalends of January.

Mael Ísa ua Brolchán, wise elder of Ireland and a sage in wisdom and instruction, rested.

Tairdelbach ua Briain, king of most of Ireland, ended his life happily in the twenty-second year of his reign.

The defeat of Crincha inflicted by the foreigners and Laigin on Mael Sechnaill son of Conchobor, in which fell Mael Ciaráin ua Cathasaigh and ua Mael Muaid, king of Fir Cell, and others.

The 'White Fox' ua Catharnaigh, i.e. Cinaed king of Tebtha, and his son and ua Muiredhaigh chief of Muintir Tlamáin, were treacherously killed by Mael Sechlainn son of Conchobor in Loch Muige Uatha.

Ua Baígelláin, king of Airgialla, was killed by the Conaille.

Annal CS1087


Mael Sechnaill son of Conchobor, king of Temair, was killed by the men of Tebtha in Ardachadh in treachery.

Maelruanaidh ua Airt, king of Tebtha, dies.

The battle of Conacla i.e. in Corannwon by Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir and Cormac ua Cillín, chief vice-abbot of Síl Muiredaigh, with the staff of Ciarán in his hand before the battle when it was being fought between the Connachta and the Conmaicne, and the Conmaicne were defeated, and there fell there Aed son of Art ua Ruairc, king of Conmaicne, and Muiredach ua Eolais and Sitric son of Cú Slébe ua Fergail and the son of Gafraidh ua Siridén and others. Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir was victor.

The battle of Ráth Edair between the Laigin and the men of Mumu and the Laigin were defeated. Muirchertach ua Briain was victor.

Annal CS1088


A defeat inflicted by Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir on Muirchertach ua Briain at Inis Ardachaidh where many Munstermen were killed. Another slaughter of Munstermen by Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir. Corco Mruad was attacked by Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir and they hardly left a cow or man undestroyed. There fell there when taken off guard three good men of the Connachta i.e.


the son of Cathal ua Mugróin, chief of Clann Cathail, and Cú Sinna son of Muirchertach, chief of Clann Tomaltaigh, and the son of Gilla Críst son of Echtigern, chief of Corco Achlann. Ruaidrí gave a fortnight's billetting to Domnall son of mac Lochlainn and Cenél Conaill and Cenél Eogain. The Connachta and the men of the North then went into Mumu and ravaged to Imlech Ibair and Loch Gair and Brugh Rígh and Dún Aiched and Drumain h Clérchin and broke down the walls of Luimnech and brought away the head of the son of Cailech from Cnocoib Sainngil and stormed Cenn Coradh and left eight score warriors there both foreigners and Irish and took hostages of them, taking the son of Matudán ua Cendétigh from it and the son of Congalach ua Ócáin and the son of Eochu ua Loingsigh, and cows and gold and horses and silver and horns were given for them by Murchad ua Briain.

Tigernach ua Braín of the Síl Muiredhaigh, successor of Ciarán of Cluain moccu Nóis and of Comán, rested.

Dub Cablaigh daughter of Aed ua Conchobuir dies.

Mór, daughter of Tairdelbach ua Briain, wife of Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir, dies.

Ua Maílgiric, ollamh of Ireland, rested.

Annal CS1089


Donnchad son of Domnall Remar, king of Laigin and the foreigners, was killed by Conchobor ua Conchobuir Failge.

A fleet of the men of Mumu came on the Sinna and Loch Ríbh and plundered Inis Clothrann and Inis Bó Finne and Inis Aingin and Cluain Emain, and Aidhricech and Recraith were closed after them by Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir, and the men of that fleet sought ua Mael Sechnaill's protection and left their ships with him, and ua Conchobuir went on a raid into Mumu to Cell Dalua and Dál Cais in those ships, while ua Mael Sechnaill was in Uaithne Tíre and Uaithne Fidbaide, and they brought away many cows and captives.

The Easter 1 April of the high wind.