Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1050


Cluain moccu Nóis was plundered thrice within a single quarter i.e. once by Síl Anmchada and twice by the Calraige with the Sinnaigh.

Donnchad son of Gilla Faelán, king of Uí Failge, was killed by ua Conchobuir king of Uí Failge.

Cluain moccu Nóis and Inis Clothrann were plundered by the Conmaicne.

The birth of Muirchertach ua Briain king of Ireland.

Annal CS1051


Ua Conchobuir king of Uí Failge was killed by his own people.

Amalgaidh son of Cathal son of Ruaidrí king of Iarthar Connacht was blinded by Aed ua Conchobuir king of east Connacht, and he settled thereafter in west Connacht.

The defeat of Sliab Formail inflicted on the Conmaicne by Aed ua Conchobuir in which a large number of the Conmaicne fell.

Domnall Bán ua Briain was killed by ua Conchobuir, king of Connacht.

The tree of Magh Adair was cut down by Aed ua Concobuir.

Annal CS1052


A raid by the son of Mael na mbó into Fine Gall, and he burned the country from Áth Cliath to Albene, but obtained no cows, and they carried out great skirmishes around the fortress in which many fell, and the king of the foreigners i.e. Echmarcach son of Ragnall went overseas and the son of Mael na mbó took the kingship of the foreigners in his stead.

A raid by Aed ua Conchobuir into Conmaicne and he inflicted great devastation on it.

Echtigern ua Egráin of the Sogain of Uí Maine, successor of Ciarán of Cluain moccu Nóis and of Comán, died on pilgrimage in Cluain Iraird.

A slaughter of the Callraige including their king, the son of Airechtach, by the power of Ciarán.

Dubessa, daughter of Brian, dies.


Annal CS1053


Niall grandson of Énech, king of Fir Manach, and his brother were killed by the men of Lurc.

An army was led by the son of Brian and by ua Mael Sechnaill into Fine Gall and took hostages from the son of Mael na mbó.

Cochlán, king of Delbna Bethra, was treacherously killed by his own people.

Annal CS1054


A fiery tower was seen in Ross Dela on Sunday, the feast of Gregory, for a period of five hours. Countless blackbirds were going in and out of it and one great bird in their midst, and when the little birds went in the tower they would go under his feathers. They came out and picked up a hound that was in the middle of the steading up into the air and let it fall so that it died immediately, and they lifted up three large cloaks and let them fall again. The wood on which the birds alighted fell under them, and the oak on which the birds alighted was aquiver with its roots in the ground.

Loch Suide Odráin in Sliab Guaire vanished at the end of the eve of Michaelmas and went into the Febail.

Cacht daughter of Ragnall, queen of Ireland, dies.

A raid by Aed ua Conchobuir, king of Connacht, to Corcu Baiscinn and to Dartraige and he took great preys and on that occasion Aed son of Cendétigh, chief and honour of Dál Cais, was killed by him.

Ua Gerithir, bishop of Cell Dalua, rested.