Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1025


Niall ua Conchobuir, heir designate of Connacht, and Mael Sechnaill Got, died.

Saerbrethach abbot of Imlech Ibair, the honour of Ireland, rested.

Muiredach son of Mugrón of the community of Imlech Fordeoraidh, successor of Ciarán, rested.

Comaltán, king of the Uí Fiachrach of Aidne, was killed.


Annal CS1026


An army was led by Brian's son and he took the hostages of Mide and Brega and the foreigners and the Laigin and Osraige.

An army was led by Flaithbertach ua Néill and the son of Mael Sechnaill son of Maelruanaidh into Mide and they took hostages and went over the ice and attacked Inis Mochta.

Maelruanaidh ua Maeldoraidh, king of Cenél Conaill, went overseas on pilgrimage.

Conall ua Cillín, successor of Crónán of Tuaim Gréine, rested.

The causeway from Garda an Bainb to the station of the three crosses was made by Bresal Conaillech.

Three battles were won by Roen i.e. Roan i.e. a battle over the men of Mide and a battle over the men of Brega and a battle over the foreigners of Áth Cliath.

Annal CS1027


An army was led by the son of Brian into Osraige and some of his following was defeated there and there was killed there Gadra son of Dúnadach and Domnall son of Senchán son of Flaithbertach heir designate of Mumu and Mael Sechnaill ua Conchobuir king of Corco Mruaidh and the two sons of Cuilin son of Conchobor king and heir designate of Uí Conaill and the two sons of Écertach king and heir designate of northern Eoganachta and Ócán ua Cuirc son of Anluan son of Cendétigh and others.

The staff of Jesus was broken.

Mael Ruanaidh ua Maíldoraidh died on pilgrimage.

Ricard king of the Franks dies.

An army was led by Sitric son of Amlaíb and by Donnchad king of Brega into Mide to Lec Bladhma and to Muine Milain and the men of Mide encountered them and there fell Raon king of western Mide and Dúnchad king of Brega and the king of Uí Briúin of Cualu and others.

Annal CS1028


Tuathal ua Dubanaich bishop of Cluain Iraird rested.

The bishop ua Suairligh rested.

Sitric son of Amlaíb went to Rome, and Flannacán ua Cellaigh king of Brega.

The son of Amlaíb came from Rome.

Brian son of Cathal ua Conchobuir, heir designate of Connacht, was killed by Mael Sechnaill ua Maílruanaidh.


Annal CS1029


Amlaíb son of Sitric was captured by Mathgamain ua Riacáin, king of southern Brega, and left twelve hundred cows and six score Welsh horses and three score unga of gold and the sword of Carlus as ransom and a mark for the man that captured him.

A great death-roll in Inis Alainne in Cairbre Mór in which twelve score of the nobles of Cairbre were burned and the king of Cairbre and the king of Dartraige and the superior of Druim Cliab.

Muirchertach ua Maíldoraidh, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed by the Uí Canannáin at Ráth Canannáin.