Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1010


Cathal son of Conchobor, king of Connacht, died on pilgrimage.

Marcán son of Cennétig, head of Mumu on the part of the clergy, rested.

Conaing son of Aedacán, bishop of Cluain moccu Nóis,of the Mugdorna Maigen, rested.

An army was led by Brian to the Claenloch of Sliab Fuair, and he took the aitire of Cenél Eógain and the Ulaid.

Derbáil daughter of Tadc son of Cathal, dies.

Crundmael, the bishop, rested.

Annal CS1011


Flaithbertach ua Cetnén, successor of Tigernach and a bishop, was mortally wounded by the men of Bréifne, and he died soon after.

An army was led by Brian to Mag Corainn and he brought away the king of Cenél Conaill i.e. Mael Ruanaidh ua Maíl Doraidh subject to him to Cenn Coradh.

Flann ua Donnchada, successor of Óenu, rested.

Annal CS1012


A great sickness i.e. lumps and internal pains in Ard Macha from Samain to Bealtaine, which killed many seniors and students and its bishop, i.e. Cend Faeladh of Saball.

Annal CS1013


Derbáil daughter of Congalach son of Mael Mithig, daughter of the king of Ireland, died.

A great raid was made by Ualgarg ua Ciardha king of Cairbre and by the son of Niall ua Ruairc and by the men of Tebtha into Gailenga, and the household of Mael Sechnaill overtook them at that time, having been drinking, and offered battle to them out of arrogance, and there fell there Donnchadh son of Mael Sechnaill and Dub Taichligh ua Maílcallainn, chief of Delbna Bec and Donnchad son of Donnchad Finn, heir designate of Temair, and Cernach son of Flann king of Luigne, and Senán ua Leocháin king of Gailenga and others. Mael Sechnaill overtook them so that the spoils were left with him and Ualgarg ua Ciardha fell by him.


A great war between the foreigners and the Irish.

A great raid was made by Murchad son of Brian into Laigin and he plundered the country to Glenn dá Locha and Cell Maignenn, and burned and spoiled the country.

A great fleet came from the foreigners into Mumu and burned Corcach, but God avenged it immediately, for Amlaíb son of Sitriuc i.e. the son of the king of the foreigners was killed, and Mathgamain son of Dubgall son of Amlaíb, in treachery, by Cathal son of Domnall son of Dub dáBairenn.

A great raid was made by Mael Sechnaill into the territory of the foreigners, and he burned the country as far as Benn Étar, and Sitric and Mael Mórdha overtook one of his raiding parties and killed two hundred of them including Flann son of Mael Sechnaill and Lorcán son of Echtigern, king of Cenél Mechair, and others.

Domnall son of Cathal, heir designate of Connacht, was killed by ua Maíldoraidh and all Mag Aí was burned and plundered.

Annal CS1014


The feast of Gregory before Shrove in this year and Low Sunday 2 May in summer, which was not previously heard of.

An army was led by Brian son of Cendétigh son of Lorcán king of Ireland, and by Mael Sechnaill, king of Temair, to Áth Cliath. The foreigners of the world, such of them as were to the west of Lochlainn, gathered against Brian and Mael Sechnaill; they had a thousand men in breastplates. A fierce and bitter battle is fought between them to which no parallel has been found in these times, and there fell therein Brian son of Cendétigh, overking of Ireland and the foreigners and the Britons, in the eighty-eighth year of his age, and Murchad son of Brian, heir designate of Ireland, in the sixty-third year of his age, and Tairdelbach son of Murchad son of Brian and Conaing son of Donncuan, son of Brian's brother, and Mothla son of Domnall son of Faelán king of the Déisi of Mumu, and Eochu son of Dúnadach and Niall ua Cuinn and Cú Duiligh son of Cendétigh the three companions of Brian, and Tadc ua Cellaigh king of Uí Maine and Mael Ruanaidh ua Eidhin king of Aidhe and Gébennach son of Dubacán king of Fir Maighe and Mac Bethad son of Muiredach Claen king of Ciarraige Luachra and Domnall son of Diarmait king of Corco Baiscinn and Scanlán son of Cathal king of the Eoganacht of Loch Léin and Domnall son of Emin son of Cainnech and others. The battle was fought i.e. from the Tolcha to Áth Cliath, and the foreigners and the Laigin were put to flight by dint of battle and


conflict and valour, and there fell there Mael Mórdha son of Murchad son of Finn king of Laigin, and Tuathal grandson of Ugaire heir designate of Laigin and the son of Brogarbán son of Conchobor heir designate of Uí Failge and many others, and there fell there Dubgall son of Amlaíb and Gilla Ciaráin son of Glún Iarainn, two heirs designate of the foreigners, and Sigrit son of Lodair earl of Innsi Orc and Bruadar chief of the Danes, and it was he killed Brian, and all the thousand men in breastplates and no less than three thousand of the foreigners fell there.

A battle among the Uí Echach between Cian son of Maelmuad and Domnall son of Dub dá Bairenn and there fell there Cian and Cathal and Rogallach and the three sons of Maelmuad, with slaughter around them.

An army was led by Donnchad son of Brian into the south of Ireland and he killed Cathal son of Domnall and obtained hostages from Domnall.

A clash between two sons of Brian i.e. Donnchad and Tadc: Donnchad was defeated. Ruaidrí ua Donnacán, king of Arad, fell therein, and others.

Dúnlang son of Tuathal, king of Laigin, dies.

An army was led by ua Maeldoraidh and ua Ruairc into Mag Aí and they killed Domnall son of Cathal and brought away the hostages of Connacht.

Flaithbertach son of Domnall—i.e. he was of the Clann Colmáin—successor of Ciarán and Finnian, rested in Christ.

Conn ua Diugraidh, successor of Caemgein, rested.

Domnall ua Airt, king of Tebtha, dies.