Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1005


Ragnall son of Gotfrith son of Aralt, king of Inse Gall, dies.

Giolla Comgaill son of Ardgal and his two sons and two hundred with them were treacherously killed by Mael Ruanaidh son of Ardgal when contending for the kingship of Ulaid.

An army was led by Brian with the men of Ireland to Cenél Eogain and to Ulaid to seek hostages, through Mide, so that they were one night in Tailtiu, thence to Ard Macha, and they were a week there and Brian left twenty unga of gold on the altar of Ard Macha. They went thence to Dál Araide and brought away the aitire of Dál Araide and the aitire of the Ulaid.

Áth Cliath was burned by southern Brega when marauding.

Cinaed son of Dub son of Mael Coluim, king of Alba, was killed by Mael Coluim son of Cinaed.

Aed, bishop of Treoit, rested.

Domnall, bishop of Mainister, rested.

Muirecán Bocht, successor of Pátraic for three years, rested.

Annal CS1006


A return of calm and good weather and food in this winter so that foliage and wild garlic grew then.


Mael Ruanaidh son of Aed ua Dubda, king of Uí Fhiachrach of Muirisc, and his son died.

A great army of the men of Ireland was led by Brian son of Cendétigh, king of Mumu, to Cenél Conaill and Cené Eógain to obtain hostages, through the centre of Connacht, over Es Ruadh through the centre of Cenél Conaill, and through Cenél Eogain to Belach Dúin. The Ulaid gave hostages on that occasion, and they obtained hostages neither from Cenél Conaill nor Cenél Eogain.

Mael na mbó, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, was killed by his own people.

Airmedach, bishop of Ard Macha, rested.

Annal CS1007


Mael Ruanaidh son of Ardgal king of Ulaid was killed by Matudán son of Domnall. Matudán son of Domnall, however, was killed by the Torc in the centre of Dui despite the protection of the saints of Ireland.

Cú Chonnacht son of Dúnadach, chief of Síl Anmchada, was killed in treachery by Murchad son of Brian.

The renewal of the fair of Tailtiu by Mael Sechnaill.

The front of the great altar of Cluain moccu Nóis was bought by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall, and a hide from every lios in Mide for it.

The great gospel of Colum Cille was stolen by night from the annex to the great stone church of Cenannas. The great gospel of Colum Cille was found three months later with its gold and silver taken from it, and covered with sods.

The Torc, king of Ulaid, was killed by the power of God and Pátraic.

Domnall son of Dub Tuinne, king of Ulaid, was killed by Muiredach son of Matudán and by Uargaeth of Sliab Fuait.

Tuathal ua Maelmacha, successor of Pátraic in Mumu, rested.

Annal CS1008


Ferdomnach, successor of Colum Cille, rested.

Great frost and snow from the eighth of the Ides 6th of January to Easter 28 March.

Muiredach, a sage bishop, nephew of Ainmire the Poor, was suffocated in a cave in the Gailenga of Corann by ua Ruairc.

Annal CS1009


Dub Cablaigh, daughter of the king of Connacht, wife of Brian son of Cendétigh, dies.

Matudán, king of Síl Anmchada, was killed by his own brother.


Clothna son of Óengus, chief poet of Ireland, dies.

Tadc Dubsúilech, son of the king of Connacht, was killed by the Conmaicne.