Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1000

Cú Caille ua Domnaill, king of Derlas, was treacherously killed by ua Néill i.e. by Aed.

Ímar of Port Láirge dies.

The foreigners were again in Áth Cliath, and their hostages given to Brian.

Flaithbertach ua Canannán, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed by his own people.

Cellach ua Maílcorgus, chief poet of Connacht, dies.

The first turning of Brian and the Connachta against Mael Sechnaill. An army was led by Brian son of Cendétigh with the armies of south Connacht and the Osraige and the Laigin and the foreigners of Áth Cliath to come to Temair, but the foreigners went on a cavalry raid ahead in Mag Breg and Mael Sechnaill came up with them and inflicted slaughter on them. Brian then went to Ferta Nime in Mag Bregh without giving battle or carrying out an attack.


Annal CS1001


Fergal son of Conaing, king of Ailech, dies.

Mael Póil, bishop of Cluain moccu Nóis and successor of Fechín, rested.

The causeway of Áth Luain was built by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall and Cathal son of Conchobor.

Diarmait ua Lachtnáin, king of Tebtha, was killed by his own people.

The causeway of Áth Cliath was built by Mael Sechnaill halfway across the river.

Brian begins to rule.

Annal CS1002


Fland son of Eogan, chief jurisconsult of Leth Cuinn, died.

An army was led by Brian to Áth Luain and he took the hostages of Mide and Connacht.

Mérlechán son of Conn, king of Gaileng, was killed by Mael Sechnaill.

Maelmuad son of Dubgille, king of Delbna Bethra, dies.

The disturbance of ua Begulán in Cluain moccu Nóis.

An army was led by Brian and by Mael Sechnaill with the men of Ireland, both Connachta and Munstermen and Laigin and foreigners, as far as Dún Delga in Conaille. Aed son of Domnall ua Néill, overking of Ailech, and Eochaidh son of Ardgal king of Ulaid with the Ulaid and Cenél Eógain and Cenél Conaill and Airgialla were before them, and they did not let them beyond that, and they parted at truce without giving hostage or aitire.

Annal CS1003


Flannchad ua Ruadáin, of the Corco Moga, successor of Ciarán of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

Dúnchad ua Mancháin, successor of Caemgein, rested.

Cellach son of Diarmait, king of Osraige, was killed by his cousin i.e. Donnchad son of Gilla Pátraic.

Aed ua Confhiacla, i.e. king of Tebtha, was killed by the Uí Conchille.

Annal CS1004


Brian son of Mael Ruanaidh, king of West Connacht, was treacherously killed by his own people.


Eochaidh ua Flannacáin, superior of the guest house of Ard Macha, and an expert in the traditional lore of the Irish rested.

The battle of Craeb Telcha between the Ulaid and the Cenél Eógain, and the Ulaid were defeated and there fell there Eochaidh son of Artgal, king of Ulaid, and Dub Tuinne his brother and Eochaidh's two sons i.e. Cú Duiligh and Domnall, and Garbíth, king of Uí Echach, and Gilla Pátraic son of Tomaltach and Cumascach son of Flaithrí and Dubh Slánga son of Aed, and Cathalán son of Etroch and Conéne son of Muirchertach, and the rest of the Ulaid also and their rout went as far as Dún Echach and Druim Bó. Aed son of Domnall ua Néill, king of Ailech and heir designate of Ireland, fell in the counterattack of the battle. Donnchad ua Loinsigh, king of Dál Araide and heir designate of Ulaid, was killed on the next day by the Cenél Eogain.

Naoman son of Mael Ciarán, chief craftsman of Ireland, dies.