Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS995


Cinaedh son of Mael Coluim was killed by his own people.

Domnach Pátraic was plundered by the foreigners of Áth Cliath and by Muirchertach grandson of Congalach, but God avenged it at the end of the same month.

Tomar's ring and the sword of Carlus were taken by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall from the foreigners of Áth Cliath by force.

Annal CS996


The Airgialla plundered Ard Macha and took a hundred score cows from it. Ard Macha was burned both houses, churches and bell-tower.

Gilla Pátraic son of Donnchadh, king of Osraige, was killed by Dondubán son of Ímar.

Dondubán son of Ímar was killed by the Laigin.

Gilla Pátraic ua Flannacán, king of Tebtha, was killed by Fiach son of Radub i.e. chief of Muintir Maelsinna.

Domnall son of Faelán, king of the Dési, dies.

The guest-house of Druim Raithe was burned by the men of Mumu with three hundred people in it.

Annal CS997


A battle among the Scots and Constantin, king of Alba, was killed i.e. the son of Cuilennán, and others.

Mael Coluim son of Domnall, king of north Britain, dies.

Ruaidrí son of Niall ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, dies.

Annal CS998


An army was led by Mael Sechnaill and Brian and they took hostages of the foreigners. Brian with the men of Mumu and Mael Sechnaill with two men of Mide went to Connacht and took their hostages.

Dub dá Lethe, successor of Pátraic and Colum Cille, rested.

Conaing ua Coscraigh, sage bishop of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.


Diarmait son of Domnall, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh,dies.

Gilla Pátraic son of Donnchad, king of Osraige, dies.

Gilla Énáin son of Agda, king of Tethba, was killed by Síl Rónáin.

Annal CS999


Donnchad son of Domnall, king of Laigin, was captured by Sitric son of Amlaíb.

The Lia Ailbe fell.

Cell Dara was plundered by the foreigners of Áth Cliath.

A great army was led by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall and by Brian son of Cendétigh to Glenn Máma and the foreigners of Áth Cliath came to attack them, and the foreigners were defeated and slaughter inflicted on them, including Aralt son of Amlaíb and Culén son of Etigén and the nobles of Áth Cliath, and Mael Sechnaill and Brian went thereafter to Áth Cliath and were a week there and carried off its gold and silver and captives, and expelled the king i.e. Sitric son of Amlaíb.

Niall son of Agda, heir designate of Tebtha, was killed by the Calraige in Cluain moccu Nóis about the feast of Ciarán.

Diarmait son of Dúnadach, king of Síl Anmchada, was killed by the son of Comaltán i.e. king of Aidne.

A battle between the Airgialla and Cenél Conaill in which fell Gilla Críst, king of Conaille, and others.

Mael Sechnaill ua Mael Ruanaidh, king of Cremthann, was killed by the Uí Cellaigh, i.e. Cú Caille.