Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS985


Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall invaded Connacht and took its islands and slew its chiefs.

Diarmait son of Uathmarán, king of Luigne, dies.


Annal CS986


Mór daughter of Donnchad son of Cellach, queen of Ireland, dies.

Mael Ciarán ua Maigne, successor of Colum Cille, suffered red martyrdom from the Danes in Áth Cliath.

The shrine of Pátraic was taken by Mael Sechnaill at Áth Firdiad to Áth Sige on account of the war of Cairellán's son. Peace was made by them afterwards, and Pátraic's due yielded by Mael Sechnaill i.e. the visitation of the men of Mide both church and laity; a feast from every fortress from Mael Sechnaill himself, along with seven cumals and full dues as well.

Muirgius son of Domnall, king of Uí Maine, was slain.

Cluain moccu Nóis was burned on the eve of the Friday before Easter.

Annal CS987


A sickness caused by sorcery inflicted by demons in the east of Ireland, which caused death among the people, and they used to be plainly to be seen in people's eyes.

The holy virgin Cellach rested in Christ.

The beginning of the cattle-plague i.e. the maelgarb, such as had not occurred before.

Annal CS988


A slaughter of Mumu and the foreigners of Port Láirge carried out by the Connachta, in which fell Dúnlang son of Dub dá Bairenn, heir designate of Mumu, and others. Muirgius son of Conchobor, heir designate of Connacht, fell in a counter-attack.

Dunstan, archbishop of all England, rested.

Dúnchad hua Braín, successor of Ciarán son of the wright, died on pilgrimage in Ard Macha.

Scrín of Colum Cille was violated by Mael Sechnaill.

Annal CS989


Glún Iarainn son of Amlaíb, king of the foreigners, was killed by his own slaves i.e. Colban.

Gothfrith son of Aralt, king of Inse Gall, fell by the Dál Riata.

The battle of Áth Cliath won over the foreigners by Mael Sechnaill son of Domnall, in which many were killed,and they were besieged in the fortress thereafter for twenty nights, so that they


drank no water then but salt water, and they gave him his full due as long as he should be king, and an uinge of gold for every garden every Christmas Eve in perpetuity.

Conchobor son of Domnall, king of Luigne, dies.

Muiredach ua Cléirigh, king of Aidhne, dies.