Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS970


Cenannas was plundered by Amlaíb Cuarán with the foreigners and the Laigin, and he took a great cattle-tribute away and left behind dead a number of his following including Bresal son of Ailellán, and inflicted a defeat on the Uí Néill at Aed Maolchon.

The battle of Cell Móna was won by Domnall son of Congalach with the foreigners of Áth Cliath over Domnall son of Muirchertach king of Temair, in which fell many including Ardgar son of Matudán, king of Ulaid, Donnacán son of Maelmuire, king of Airgialla, and Fergus the generous, king of Cualgne, and the grandson of Cuilennán, king of Conaille, and other nobles.

The refectory of Lann Léire was burned by Domnall son of Muirchertach, king of Temair, and four hundred were martyred therein both men and women.

Lugbad and Druim Inasclainn were plundered by Glún Ilair i.e. Murchadh.

Annal CS971


Cuilén son of Illulb, king of Alba, was killed by the Welsh in a burning house.

Domnall son of Muirchertach was expelled from the kingship of Mide by the sons of Aed.

Tuathal, successor of Ciarán and a bishop, died suddenly after a three-days fast.

Mael Samhna, successor of Cainnech, rested.

Domnall son of Muirchertach was again in Mide and devastated both the churches and people he found opposed to him.

Maenach son of Mael Michíl, bishop of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

Niall son of Aed, king of Ulaid, dies.


Annal CS972


A battle between the Ulaid and the Dál Araide in which fell Aed son of Loingsech, king of the province, and others. Eochaidh was victor.

Cluain Iraird and Fobar and Lann Ela and Dísert Tola were burned and plundered by Domnall son of Muirchertach.

Murchad son of Finn, overking of Laigin, was killed by Domnall Claen in treachery.

Annal CS973


Conchobor son of Tadc, overking of Connacht dies.

The battle of Ceis Corainn between Glún Ilair and the Connachta in which many fell, including Cathal son of Tadc, king of Connacht, and Tadc son of Muirchertach, king of Uí Diarmata and Murchadh son of Flann son of Clethnechán, chief of Clann Murchadha, and Gébennach son of Aedh, king of Uí Maine and Serridh ua Flaithbertaigh in a counterattack, and others. Connacht was devastated thereafter by Glún Ilair i.e. by Murchadh.

Beccán, successor of Finnian, a bishop, rested.

Ailill son of the Laignech, successor of Caemgen, rested.

Annal CS974


A defeat was inflicted on Domnall son of Congalach by Donnchad Finn son of Aed in which fell Congalach son of Laidcnén and Cathal son of Flannacán and others.

Muirchertach son of Aed, i.e. the king of Mide, i.e. the son of Flann grandson of Mael Sechnaill, was killed by Domnall son of Congalach.

Donnchad Finn son of Aed son of Flann was killed in treachery by Aed while under the protection of the Bernán Ciarán.

Murchadh Glún Ilair, over-king of Ailech, was killed by the Cenél Conaill.

A defeat was inflicted on the Uí Cheinnselaigh by the Osraige in which many fell including Donnchad son of Cellach, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, and other nobles.