Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS935


Cinaedh son of Coirbre, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, was killed by the foreigners of Loch Garman.

Annal CS936


Two successors of Pátraic i.e. Ioseph, scribe and bishop, and Mael Pátraic son of Mael Tuile, a bishop, rested.

Cluain moccu Nóis was plundered from Áth Cliath.

Cellachán of Caisel and the men of Mumu plundered it again.


The foreigners of Loch Érne went onto Loch Ríbh.

Áth Cliath was burned by Donnchad son of Flann, king of Temair.

Annal CS937


The foreigners of Loch Ríbh went to Áth Cliath.

Bruatur son of Dubgille, king of Uí Ceinnselaigh, dies.

Cléircén son of Tigernán, king of Bréifne, dies.

Annal CS938


Fergal son of Domnall, king of the North, dies.

Mael Pátraic, bishop of Lugbad, rested.

Conchobor son of Maeilchén, king of Uí Failge, and his two sons, were killed by Lorcán son of Faelán.

Cell Cuilinn was plundered by Amlaíb son of Gothfrith and a thousand captives taken from it.

Annal CS939


The sun was the colour of blood from the beginning of day to midday on the following day.

Ailech was taken from Muirchertach son of Niall by the heathens and occupied by them, and God freed it from them.

The men of Mumu and Cellachán with the foreigners plundered Mide, and Cluain Eidhnech and Cell Aichid, as far as Cluain Iraird.

Fínnachta son of Cellach, comarba of Daire, rested.

A defeat was inflicted by Congalach son of Mael Mithig on the Gailenga, in which three score of them fell.

Domnall son of Lorcán, king of Aidne, rested in Cluain moccu Nóis.

The Canon of Pátraic was covered by Donnchad son of Niall.