Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS915


Óengus son of Flann son of Mael Sechnaill, heir designate of Ireland, died in ripe old age on the sixtieth or seventieth day after the battle of Grellach in which he was mortally wounded, of which he died on the sixtieth day.

Domnall son of Aed son of Niall, king of Ailech, died in penitence.

Mael Ciaráin son of Eochucán, superior of Cluain Eois and Muccnámh, bishop of Ard Macha and the fosterling of Féthgna, fell asleep.

Scannlán, bishop of Tamlacht, fell asleep.

Corcach and Les Mór and Achad Bó were plundered by the heathens.

Annal CS916


Coblaith daughter of Dub Dúin, abbess of Cell Dara, rested.


Mael Barrfhinn, priest of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

Fogartach son of Tolarg, king of the south of Brega, rested.

Flann son of Mael Sechnaill, king of all Ireland, died on the eighth of the Kalends of June 25 May, the seventh feria, in the 37th year of his reign, at Cenn Eich of the people of Cluain:

    1. Pity, this, O warlike Erinn,
      And thy anguished people;
      For Flann is missing ... dead,
      Thy noble, most valiant King.

Anoroit son of Rhodri, king of the Britons, dies.

Niall Glúndubh son of Aed begins to reign.

The fair of Tailltiu was renewed by Niall.

Annal CS917


An army of the men of Ireland was led by Niall son of Aed to the foreigners of Loch Dá Caech, and foreigners and Irish were killed there including the king of Carraic Brachaide and the chief of Uí Chernaigh i.e. Maelfinnéin son of Donnacán and the chief of Uí Chremthainne i.e. Fergus son of Muiricén and many others were killed.

The battle-rout of Cenn Fuait inflicted on the Laigin by the grandson of Ímar. Six hundred or more were killed including the royal house and over-king i.e. Augaire son of Ailill and the king of Airther Life i.e. Maelmórda son of Muiricén and Mugrón son of Cendétigh king of the three Comann and of Laígis and Cinaedh son of Tuathal king of Uí Enechglais and many others and including the chief bishop.

The plundering of Cell Dara by the foreigners of Cenn Fuait.

Áth Cliath was taken by force by the foreigners from the men of Ireland.

Niall Glúndub with the flower of the men of Ireland and the men of Brega and Mide went into the territory of Mumu and left a great number of his following there i.e. including the king of Tebtha i.e. Donncuan son of Flannacán and the king of Carraic Brachaide.

There was great frost in this year and great snow which inflicted destruction on beasts.

Annal CS918


Muirenn daughter of Suart, abbess of Cell Dara, rested.


Cell Dara was plundered again by heathens from Áth Cliath.

Eithne daughter of Aed son of Niall, queen of the men of Brega, and Mór daughter of Cerball son of Dúngal, queen of the Laigin Desgabair, rested in repentance.

Tigernach grandson of Cléirech, king of Aidne, died.

Annal CS919


The blinding of Aed son of Flann grandson of Mael Sechnaill by Donnchadh son of Flann.

The battle of Áth Cliath won over the Irish by the foreigners i.e. by Ímar i.e. Sitriuc Gaile in which fell Niall Glúndub son of Aed, king of Temair, and Conchobor grandson of Mael Sechnaill heir designate of Ireland i.e. the king of Mide and Aed son of Eochucán king of Ulaid and Maelmithid son of Flannacán king of Brega and Maelcraíbe grandson of Dubsinach king of Airgialla and Mael Craíb son of Doligén king of Tortan, Cellach son of Fogartach king of southern Brega, Eiremón son of Cendétigh lord of Cenél Maine and many other chiefs who are not named were slain in the battle of Áth Cliath with Niall.

Cormac son of Mothla, king of the Déisi. dies.

Dubgilla son of Lachtnán, king of Tebtha, dies.

Donnchad reigns.

Loingsech, bishop of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

Easter on the seventh of the Kalends of May 25 April and Low Sunday 2 May in summer.