Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS895


Dub Lachtnai son of Mael Gualai, king of Caisel, dies.

Mael Petair son of Cuan, bishop of Tír dá Glas, successor of Brénainn, rested.

Cellach son of Flannacán, king of Brega, was killed by Fogartach son of Tolarg.

Muiredach son of Eochucán, one of two kings of Ulaid, was killed by Aitéid son of Laigne.

Mael Aichen, bishop of Ard Macha, rested.

Annal CS896


Blamac, superior of Cluain moccu Nóis, i.e. the son of Tairchedach of Bregmaine, rested.

A slaughter of the foreigners by the Conaille and Aitéid son of Laigne, in which Amlaíb son of Ímar fell, and Glún Tradna son of Glún Iarainn, with eight hundred.


Scolaige son of Macán, king of Delbna Bethra, was slain by the community of Cluain moccu Nóis, and Mael Achaid was slain for it. Mael Achaid, tanist of Cluain moccu Nóis and superior of Daiminis, who stated at the point of death that he was guiltless in the killing of Scolaige, suffered a violent death at the hands of the Delbna in vengeance for Scolaige.

Saerbrethach son of Conadh, sapiens and bishop and superior of Corcach, rested.

Flann son of Lónán, the Virgil of the Irish i.e. the chief poet of the Irish, was slain by the Uí Cuirrbuidh i.e. by the Uí Fothaid, at Loch dá Caoch in the Déisi of Mumu.

Flaithbertach son of Murchad, king of Ailech, was slain by the Uí Bresail.

Annal CS897


Mael Finnia, son of Flannacán, inflicted a battle-rout at Rath Cró on the Ulaid and the Dál nAraidi, in which many fell, including Muiredach son of Mac Éitig, king of Dál nAraidi, and the son of Mael Mochéirgi son of Indrechtach i.e. Aindiarraidh, king of Leth Cathail. Aidíth son of Laigne was wounded and escaped.

Uathmarán son of Conchobor, king of Uí Fhailgi, was killed by his own people.

Connacht was attacked by Flann son of Mael Sechnaill and its pledges exacted.

Annal CS898


Aidíth son of Laigne, king of Ulaid, was treacherously killed by his own people.

A shower of blood fell in Ard Cianachta.

The pilgrim departed from Ireland.

Ard Macha was plundered by the foreigners of Loch Febail and Cumascach was taken prisoner by them and his son, Aed son of Cumascach, slain.

Ruarc son of Tigernán, king of Bréifne, dies.

Aedacán son of Conchobor, king of Tethba, dies.

A battle between Flann son of Mael Sechnaill and his son i.e. Mael Ruanaid, in which many fell.


Annal CS899


Argadán, abbot of Corcach, rested.

A rainy year.

Shortage of bread.

The Connachta made a raid into the west of Mide.

Inis Aingin was profaned, and one man was slain in the middle of it, while the shrine of Ciarán was there and an assembly of elders, including Cairpre Crom, bishop, of Cluain moccu Nóis.

The Connachta were defeated at Áth Luain by the west of Mide on the same day, and they left a number behind dead.