Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS865


A solar eclipse on the Kalends 1st of January and a lunar eclipse on the same day.

Cellach son of Ailill, abbot of Cell Dara and abbot of Ia, fell asleep.

Tigernach son of Fócarta, king of Loch Gabor and one of two kings of Brega, dies.

Tadc son of Diarmait, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, was killed by his own kinsmen.

The slaying of Colmán son of Dúnlang, king of the Fothartha Tíre, by his own sons.

Annal CS866


A rout was inflicted by Aed son of Niall and the Cenél nEógain on the foreigners at Loch Febail and twelve score heads taken of them in a single place.

Loch Léibhinn was turned to blood, which gave rise to clots of blood like lungs around its edge.

Annal CS867


Mael Dúin son of Aed, king of Ailech, dies in religion.

Robartach of Finnglas, a bishop, rested.

Conall, bishop of Cell Scíre, rested.


Cormac grandson of Liathán, a bishop, rested.

Annal CS868


Cellach son of Cumuscach, abbot of Fobar, died.

Connmach, abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested; he was of the Cenél Echach Gall.

Daniél, abbot of Glenn dá Locha, rested.

Cannán son of Dálach, abbot of Dam Liac, rested.

Fergus, of Ros Ailithir, scribe, rested.

Aed son of Niall, king of Temair, and Conchobor son of Tadc, king of Connacht, won a battle at Cell ua nDaigri on the 8th of the Ides 6th of September against the Uí Néill of Brega and the Laigin, and a large force of foreigners, i.e. three hundred or more; Flann son of Conaing had five thousand and Aed Finnliath had one thousand; and Flann son of Conaing, king of all Brega, and Diarmait son of Etarscéle, king of Loch Gabor, fell in this battle. Very many of the heathens were slaughtered there, and Fachtna son of Mael Dúin, heir designate of the North, fell in the counterattack of the battle.

A remarkable eruption of water from Sliab Cualann, with little black fishes.

Rechtabra son of Murchad, abbot of Corcach, rested.

Annal CS869


Martan, of the Dartraige of Daiminis, abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis and Daiminis, rested.

Dúnlang son of Muiredach, king of Debal Laigin, dies.

Flann son of Ferchar, steward of Ard Macha, dies.

Mael Ciaráin son of Rónán, royal champion of eastern Ireland, a warrior who plundered the foreigners, was killed.

Ard Macha was plundered by Amlaíb and burned with its oratories. Ten hundred were carried off or killed, and great rapine also committed.

Donnacán son of Cétfaid, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, was treacherously killed by his companion.