Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS830


Óengus son of Dúnchad, king of Tethba, dies.

Cormac son of Suibne, bishop and abbot of Cluain Iraird, rested.

The burning of Foire by Feidlimid.

Suibne son of Fairnech, abbot of Daiminis, rested in Ard Macha.

Annal CS831


Diarmait came back to Ireland with the halidoms of Colum Cille.

Muirenn, abbess of Cell Dara, rested.

Conaille was invaded by the heathens, and they captured Mael Brigte, its king, and his brother Canannán, and they were taken away to their ships.

The plundering of the Life by Conchobar son of Donnchad.

Annal CS832


The first plundering of Ard Macha by the heathens three times in one month.

The plundering of Lugbad and Mucnám and Uí Méith and Druim Ublae and other churches.

The plundering of Dam Liac of Ciannán and the sept of the Cianacht with their churches by the heathens.

Tuathal son of Feradach was taken away by the heathens, and Adamnán's shrine from Domnach Maigen.

Bethra was plundered three times by Feidlimid.

The burning of the church-lands of Ciarán's Cluain by Feidlimid son of Crimthann.

The plundering of Lis Mór by the heathens.

The death of Conchobor son of Donnchad, king of Temair.

The repose of Cinaed son of Artri.

Niall Caille reigns.

Annal CS833


Niall and Murchad routed the foreigners in Daire Calgaig.

Cluain Dolcáin was plundered by the heathens.


Members of the community of Cluain moccu Nóis were put to death and their church-lands burned to the very door of their church by Feidlimid king of Cashel. The community of Dairmag were treated likewise—to the very door of their church.

Death of Diarmait son of Tomaltach, king of Connacht.

Annal CS834


Eógan of Mainistir, abbot of Ard Macha, rested.

Affraic, abbess of Cell Dara, rested.

Cellach, son of Bran, king of Laigin, and Cinaed son of Conaing, king of Brega, die.

Dúnchad son of Scannlán, king of Uí Fhidgeinte, won a battle against the heathens, in which many of them fell.

Glenn dá Locha was plundered by the heathens.