Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS825


Diarmait grandson of Aed Róin, anchorite and teacher of religion for Ireland, died.

A grest pestilence in Ireland affecting the old and the weak;

there was great famine and scarcity of bread.

The plundering of Dún Lethglaise by the heathens.

The burning of Mag Bile with its oratories by the heathens.

The Ulaid inflicted a rout on the heathens in Mag Inis, in which very many fell.

The heathens inflicted a rout on the Osraige.

The plundering of Inis Daimle by the heathens.

The violent death of Blamac son of Flann at the hands of the heathens in Ia Coluim Chille.

Annal CS826


Niall son of Diarmait, king of Mide, dies.

The son of Loingsech, abbot of Ard Macha, dies.

Art son of Diarmait, king of Tethba, was killed.

Clemens, abbot of Cluain Iraird, rested.

The mortal wounding of Artri son of Muirgius, king of Tethba.

Daire's law was brought to Connacht again.

Annal CS827


The dishonouring of Eógan in Ard Macha by Cumascach son of Cathal, king of Airgialla, by Artri son of Conchobar; and of this Eógan, lector of Mainstir, spoke this verse when he sent his psalm-singer to speak to Niall Caille, asking him to defend the successorship of Patrick for him:

    1. Tell to the illustrious Niall
      The warning of Eoghan, son of Anmchadh:
      That he will not be in the power in which he was,
      Unless his confessor is Abbot.

It was Artri son of Conchobar that was successor of Patrick at that time; he was uterine brother to the king of Airgialla, i.e. Cumascach son of Cathal. The short of it


is, the kings assemble their armies and the battle of Leth Cam in Mag Enir is given by Niall son of Aed against the Airgialla and the Ulaid, in which fell Muiredach, son of Eochu, king of Ulaid, and Cumuscach son of Cathal, king of Airgialla, and Congalach his brother, and other kings of the Airgialla; and Eógan of Mainstir held the chief successorship of Patrick for nine years there after, by the power of Niall Caille. And it was to foretell that battle that Dá-Ciaróc, saint of Airecal i.e. a cell sang:
    1. Lethe-cam—
      Great heroes shall perish there;
      They shall be overtaken from Lethe-Luin,
      Though far, though late, though slow.

It was prophesying that battle that Béc son of Dé said:

    1. Lethe-cam—
      A fierce pair shall there meet:
      Eoghan shall be King over Eoghan—
      Noble the conflict which will be there.

A senior of the community of Ard Macha sang after the battle:

    1. Not well have we gained our goal;
      Not well have we passed beyond Lere (i.e. Lann Lere);
      Not well have we taken Eoghan,
      In preference to any pilgrim in Erin.

The vice abbacy of Cluain moccu Nóis was given to the Munstermen, which was not so previously.

Annal CS828


Uata son of Diarmait, king of Tethba, was killed.

A battle-rout was inflicted on the heathens by Cairpre, son of Cathal, king of Uí Cheinnselaig, and by the community of Tech Munnu.

Death of Mureidach son of Ruadrí, king of Laigin.

Annal CS829


Cerball son of Fínnechta, king of Delbna Bethra, dies.

Diarmait, abbot of Ia, went to Scotland with the halidoms of Colum Cille.

A battle-rout of the Connachta by the men of Mide.