Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS714


A battle at Bile Teined in Asal won by Murchad of Mide, where Flann son of Aed son of Dlúthach and Dub Dúin grandson of Béc fell and Colgu and Aed Cluasach son of Diarmait in a counter-attack.

Fogartach grandson of Cernach was expelled from the kingship. He went to Britain.

A bright night in the autumn.

Annal CS715


Cellach of Cualu, king of Laigin, died.


The killing of Murchad son of Diarmait son of Airmedach Caech, king of Uí Néill, by Conall Grant grandson of Cernach.

Domnall son of Cathal, king of Connacht, dies.

Annal CS716


Fogurtach grandson of Cernach reigns again.

Kalends. Death of Céile Tigernaig abbot of Cluain Eóis.

Flann Foirbthe son of Goartach dies.

Annal CS717


Dúnchad son of Cenn Faelad, abbot of Ia, dies.

Expulsion of the community of Ia beyond Dorsum Brittaniae by king Nechtan.

An encounter between the Dál Riata and the Britons at the rock called Minuirce, and the Britons were defeated.

Annal CS718


Béc of Bairche died.

The battle of Cenannas, in which Tuathal grandson of Faelchú and Gormgal son of Aed son of Dlúthach and Amalgaid grandson of Conaing and his brother Fergal. Conall Grant was victor, and this Conall Grant grandson of Cernach was killed on that day after the battle by Fergal son of Mael Dúin.

A crown-shaped tonsure is given to the community of Ia.

A shower of honey rained on Othan Bec, a shower of silver upon Othan Mór, a shower of blood upon the foss of Laigin. Hence Niall Frosach son of Fergal, who was born at that time, is so named.