Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS699


Philip ruled one year and six months.

Annal CS700


The cattle mortality broke out in Ireland on the Kalends of February in Mag Trega in Tethba.

Repose of Aed, an anchorite from Sléibte.

A great frost in this year so that the lakes and rivers of Ireland froze, and the sea between Ireland and Scotland froze so that there was travelling between them on ice.

Flann son of Cenn Faelad son of Suibne was killed.

Famine and pestilence prevailed in Ireland for three years so that man ate man.

Flann son of Mael Tuile, king of Cenél Eógain, was killed.

Conall son of Suibne, king of Dési, dies.

Annal CS701


Ailill son of Cú cen Máthair, king of Mumu, died.

Conall son of Doinennach, king of Uí Fhidgeinti, dies.

Annal CS702


Muiredach of Mag Aí, king of Connacht, from whom Síl Muiredaig are descended dies.

Írgalach grandson of Conaing was killed by Britons

Annal CS703


The battle of Mag Cuillinn in Ard Ua nEchdach, between the Ulaid and the Britons, in which Radgann's son, an enemy of God's churches, fell. The Ulaid were victors.

The battle of Corann won by the Connachta, in which fell Loingsech i.e. son of Óengus, king of Ireland, together with his three sons Ardgal and Connachtach and Flann Gerg, and two sons of Colgu, and Dub Díberg son of Dúngal and Fergus Forcraid and Congal of Gabar, and many other leaders fell.


On Saturday, the Ides of July, at the sixth hour, this battle was fought. Cellach son of Ragalach son of Uatu was victor.