Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS679


Repose of Failbe, bishop of Í.

Cenn Faelad, the learned, rested.

The battle of Fínnechta against Béc of Bairche.

The falling asleep of Nechtan.

Annal CS680


Colmán, abbot of Bennchor, rests.

The killing of Fiannamail son of Mael Tuile, king of Laigin. Foichsechán of his own people slew him for Fínnechta.

Cathal son of Ragallach dies.

The battle of the Saxons, in which Aelfwine son of Oswy fell.

Death of Mael Fothartaig, bishop of Ard Sratha.

The battle of Bodbgna, in which Conall Oirgnech, i.e. king of Cairpre, fell.

A most severe leprosy in Ireland called bolgach.

Annal CS681


The burning of the kings in Dún Ceithirn i.e. Dúngal son of Scannal, king of the Cruithin, and Cenn Faelad son of Suibne, king of the Ciannachta of Glenn Geimin, Mael Dúin son of Mael Fithrich, at the beginning of summer.

Ciar daugher of Duibrea rested.

The battle of Bla Sléibe afterwards at the beginning of winter in which Mael Dúin son of Mael Fithrich was slain by the Ciannachta of Glenn Geimin and by Flann Finn son of Mael Tuile.

The killing of Conall son of Dúnchad in Cenn Tíre.

The killing Sechnasach son of Airmedach, and Conaing son of Congal.

Annal CS682


The killing of Cenn Faelad son of Colgu, king of Connacht; Ulcha


Derg grandson of Caillaidhe of the Conmaicne Cúile slew him.

The battle of Ráith Mór Maigi Lini against the Britons, in which Cathasach son of Mael Dúin, king of the Cruithin, fell, and Ultán son of Dícuill.

Annal CS683


Dúnchad of Muirisc, son of Mael Dub, i.e. king of Connacht, was killed.

The battle of Corann in which fell Colgu son of Blamac and Fergus son of Mael Dúin, king of Cenél Cairpri.

Beginning of the mortality of children in the month of October.

The falling asleep of Airmedach of In Chraeb.

Colmán abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis rested. He was from Airtech.