Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS674


The killing of Congal Cennfhata son of Dúnchad, king of Ulaid. Béc of Bairche killed him.

A thin and tremulous cloud in the shape of a rainbow appeared at the fourth vigil of night on the fifth feria preceding Easter, extending from east to west through a clear sky.

The moon became the colour of blood.

Annal CS675


The battle of Cenn Faelad son of Blamac son of Aed Sláine. Cenn Faelad was slain. Fínnechta son of Dúnchad was victor.

Fínnechta Fledach begins to reign.

Annal CS676


Colmán, bishop of Inis Bó Finne, and Fínán son of Airennán rested.

Destruction of Ailech Frigrenn by Fínnechta son of Dúnchad.

Failbe returns from Ireland.

Congal son of Mael Dúin and Aurthulae were killed.

Annal CS677


A bright comet was seen in the months of September and October.

Dúnchad son of Ultán, king of Airgialla, was slain in Dún Forgo by Mael Dúin son of Mael Fithrigh.

A battle between Fínnechta and the Laigin in a place near Loch Gabor, in which Fínnechta was victor.


The encounter of Cúil Maine in which two sons of Mael Iachdain fell.

Becán of Rum rested in the island of Britain.

Annal CS678


Death of Colgu son of Failbe Flann, king of Mumu.

Dairchell son of Cúréta, bishop of Glenn dá Locha, rested.

Death of Drost son of Domnall.