Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS664


Darkness on the Kalends of May at the ninth hour, and in the same summer the sky seemed to be on fire.

The plague reached Ireland on the Kalends of August.

Death of Cernach Sotal son of Diarmait son of Aed Sláine; and an earthquake in Ireland; and Comgán moccu Teme and Berach, abbot of Bennchor, rested.

Baetán moccu Cormaic his people were of the Conmaicne Mara abbot of Cluain, rested.

In Mag Itha of Fotharta the plague first raged in Ireland. From the death of Patrick 203 years, and after the first mortality 212 years.

Annal CS665


A great mortality i.e. the buide Conaill. Diarmait son of Aed Sláine and Blathmac, two kings of Ireland, and Mael Bresail, son of Mael Dúin died.

Ultán son of Cuanga, abbot of Cluain Iraird, rested.

The falling asleep of Féichéne of Fobar and Ailerán the learned and Rónán son of Berach and Mael Doid son of Fingin and Crónán son of Silne.

Cú Máthair son of Cathal, king of Mumu, dies.

Blathmac, king of Tethba, Oengus of Ulaid and Manchán of Liath, bishops and abbot, and innumerable kings, died.

Colmán cas, abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis, the son of Fualascach—his kin was of the Corco Moga; he held the abbacy for only one year and three days, Cuiméne, abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis his kin was of the Grecraige of Loch Teched fell asleep.

Sechnasach son of Blathmac begins to reign.

Annal CS666


Death of Ailill Flann Esa son of Domnall son of Aed son of Ainmire.

Mael Caích son of Scannal i.e. king of the Cruithin and Mael Dúin son of Scannal, king of Cenél Cairpri, died.

Eochaid Iarlaithe, king of the Cruithin, dies.

Dub Innrecht son of Dúnchad, king of Uí Briúin of Mag Aí, dies.

Death of Cellach son of Guaire.

The battle of Fertas between the Ulaid and the Cruithin, in which fell Cathasach son of Luircéne.

Baíthíne abbot of Bennchor rested.

Faelán son of Colmán, king of Laigin, dies.

Annal CS667


A plague in which four abbots of Bennchor perished, i.e. Berach, Cuimíne, Colum and Aedán.


The battle of Áine between the Araid and the Uí Fhidgeinti, in which Eógan son of Crunnmael fell.

The slaying of Bran Find son of Mael Echtraig, king of Déisi of Mumu.

Annal CS668


The voyage of bishop Colmán, with the relics of the saints, to Inis Bó Finne, where he founded a church; and the voyage of the sons of Gartnaid to Ireland with the people of Scí.

Fergus son of Muichid dies.

Muirchertach Nár, king of Connacht, i.e. the son of Guaire dies.