Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS659


Dímma Dub, bishop of Condaire, and Cuiméne bishop of Naendruim, and Sillán bishop of Daiminis, and Dúnchad son of Aed Sláine died.

The killing of Orc Doith son of Sechnusach and of Conchenn son of Laidcnén.

Annal CS660


Death of Finnán son of Rímid.

Bishop Colmán of Glenn da Locha rested, and Daniél, bishop of Cenn Garad, rested.

Death of Echaid son of Blathmac son of Aed Sláine.

The slaying of Faelán king of Osraige by the Laigin.

Maedóc of Ferna rested.

Conall Crannamna died.

Eóganán son of Tóthalán died.

Ailill son of Dúnchad son of Aed Sláine died.

Annal CS661


Toiméne abbot and bishop of Ard Macha rested.

Laidcnén son of Baeth Bannach, rested.

Conaing grandson of Dant, abbot of Imblech Ibair, rested.

Abbot Cuimíne came to Ireland.

Mo-Gobóc moccu Lama rested.

Annal CS662


Cuiméne the Tall rested in the 72nd year of his age.

Colmán grandson of Cluasach rested.

Sarán grandson of Critán, rested.

Mael Dúin son of Aed Bennán died.

The battle of Ogoman at Cenn Corbadan in which fell Conaing son of Congal son of Aed Sláine and Ultán son of Ernaine king of Ciannachta and Cenn Faelad son of Gerthide king of Ard Ciannachta. In this battle Blathmac son of Aed Sláine was defeated, by the associates of Diarmaid son of Aed Sláine, who are called Onchú son of Sarán and Marl Mílchon and Cathasach son of Eimine; in this battle Faelchú son of Mael Umai fell. This was the end of the reign of Blathmac as some say, and the beginning of the reign of Diarmait.

Mael Dúin son of Furudrán, king of Derlas, died.

Maenach son of Fíngen, king of Mumu, died.

Mael Fuataig son of Ernaine, king of Ciannachta, died.

Conall Cloccach rested

Annal CS663


Guaire of Aidne, king of Connacht, died and was buried in Cluain moccu Nóis.

The killing of the two sons of Domnall son of Aed i.e. Conall and Colcu by Cernceinn.

Death of Garnait son of Domnall king of the Cruithin, and of Domnall son of Tóthalán, and of Tuathal son of Morgand.

Indercach and Dímma, two bishops, rested.

Repose of Ségán moccu Cuinn, abbot of Bennchor.