Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS649

3 Kalends.

The slaying of Ragallach, son of Uatu, king of Connacht i.e. by Mael Brigte son of Mothlachán i.e. the Corco Cullu slew him.

The battle of Cairn Conaill fought on Whitsunday, where the two Cuans fell i.e. Cuan son of Enda, king of Muman, and Cuan son of Cairill, son of the Ui Fidhgente and Tolmnach, king of the Ui Liathain; and Guaire took flight, and Diarmait son of Aedh Slaine was victor. It is on a Sunday that Diarmait went to fight this battle, that is, through Cluain moccu Nóis and the congregation of Ciaran and prayed for him that he might come safe for the sake of their surety. When the king returned, he granted Doimnerc with its divisions today called Liath Mancháin, as a sod of the altar of Ciarán, and imposed three curses on the king of Mide if any of his people consumed as much as a drink of water there, so that it was for this reason that Diarmait asked to be buried in Cluain moccu Nóis.

Repose of Furse in Peronne in France, according to some.

Mo-Choemóc of Liath Mór dies.

Annal CS650


The battle of Oswy against Penda, in which Penda with 30 kings fell.

The battle of Dún Cremthainn in which Óengus, son of Domnall fell. The sons of Mael Coba i.e. Conall Cael and Cellach, were victors.

Death of Cathusach son of Domnall Brec.

Death of Crónán of Mag Bili.

Annal CS651


The killing of two sons of Blathmac son of Aed Sláine, i.e. Dúnchad and Conall by Mael Odrán of the Laigin in Mael Odrán's mill.

Repose of Aedán, bishop of the Saxons.

The killing of Oiséne son of Oiserg by Mael Odrán.

    1. O mill,
      Though you have ground much wheat,
      It was no crushing of oats
      When you ground Cerball's grandsons.
    2. The grain which the mill grinds,
      Is not oats but red wheat;
      Of the best in the great genealogical tree
      Was the feed of Mael Odrán's mill.

Annal CS652


Death of Segéne, abbot of Ia.

Repose of Aedlugh, abbot of Cluain mac Nóis; his kin was of Gailenga of Corran i.e. the son of Saman.

The falling asleep of Mainchéne, abbot of Min Droichit.

The conflict of Cúil Corra in which Cuiléne son of Forannán, king of Uí Failge, fell; Mael Dreith and Onchu were victors.

Cú Gamma son of Suibhne dies.

Pope Vitalian flourished at this time.

Annal CS653


The killing of Conail Coir.

The battle of Connacht i.e. the Iarthar Seola in which Marcan son of Toman, king of the Ui Maine was slain. Cennfaoladh son of Colgan and Maenach, son of Blathin king of the Ui Bruin were victors. Maeldoid son of Suibne, king of Midhe died.