Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS639

Kalends second feria.

The killing of Congal son of Dúnchad.

Death of Duinsech, wife of Domnall.

Repose of Crídán in Naendruim.

The repose of Aed Dub i.e. king of Laigin, abbot of Cell Dara.

Do-Laise moccu Imdae, abbot of Leithglenn, rested.

Death of Ailill son of Aed Rón i.e. king of Laigin.

At this time pope Theodosius flourished.

Annal CS640

Kalends third feria.

The battle of Cathair Chinn Con won by the Mumu. Óengus Liathdána was victor. Mael Dúin son of Aed Bennán took flight.

Annal CS641

Death of Maelodar Caech, king of the Airthir and death of Bruide son of Foth.

The burning of Mael Dúin son of Aed in Inis Caín.

The killing of Mael Dúin son of Fergus son of Mael Dúin son of Colmán.

The repose of Dagán of Inber Daile.


Annal CS642


Death of Domnall son of Aed, king of Ireland, at the end of January, in the 13th year of his reign, at Ard Fothaigh. Afterwards Domnall Brec was slain at the end of the year in December, in the battle of Sraith Caruin, by Hoan, king of Britons, in the 12th year of his reign.

The killing of Ailill son of Colmán, king of Cenél Loegaire.

Annal CS643

Kalends sixth feria.

Here it is uncertain who reigned after Domnall. Some historiographers state that four kings, i.e. Cellach and Conall Cael, and two sons of Aed Sláine, namely Diarmait and Blathmac, reigned in mingled rule.

Death of Huaisle daughter of Suibne son of Colmán i.e. the queen of Faelán king of Laigin.

The death of Crónán, bishop of Naendruim.

The battle of Cenn Con.

Cellach and Conall Cael begin to reign.

The death of Scandlán Mór son of Cendfaelad, king of Osraige.

The death of Cuanu son of Cailcin, king of Fernmag.