Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS634

Kalends fourth feria.

The killing of two sons of Aed Sláine by Conall son of Suibne at Loch Trethin at Fremainn, i.e. Congal king of Brega, ancestor of Uí Conaing, and Ailill the Harper, ancestor of Síl Dlúthaig.

The killing of Conall son of Suibne king of Mide in the house of Nadfraích's son by Diarmaid son of Aed Sláine.

The repose of Fintan Munnu son of Telchan on the 12th of the Kalends of November, and of Ernaine son of Cresine.

The battle of Segais in which fell Lóchéne son of Nechtan Cennfada and Cumascach son of Óengus.

Annal CS635

Annal CS636


The killing of Ernaine son of Fiachna, who defeated Mael Fithrich son of Aed Allán in the battle of Leitheirbe.

The expulsion of Carthach i.e. Mochuda i.e. Mochta son of Firaill from Raithen at Eastertide.


Annal CS637


The battle of Mag Roth won by Domnall son of Aed and the sons of Aed Sláine but Domnall son of Aed ruled Temair at that time, in which fell Conall Caech king of Ulaid and Faelchú son of Airmedach king of Mide in a counterattack, with many nobles.

The battle of Sailtír on the same day, won by Conall Cael son of Mael Cobo against the Cenél nEógain.

The death of Failbe Flann of Feimen, king of Mumu.

The repose of Mo-Chutu of Raithen on the 2nd of the Ides of May.

Annal CS638

Kalends first feria.

The battle of Glenn Muiresan, in which the followers of Domnall Brec were put to flight, and the besieging of Eten.

Crónán moccu Laegde, abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

The death of Do-Chua of Balla.