Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS629


The battle of Fid Eoin in which Mael Caích son of Scannal i.e. the king of the Cruithin was victor. The Dál Riata fell, and Díucaill son of Eochu king of the Cruithin people fell, and Aedhan's descendants, i.e. Rigullan son of Conaing and Faelbhe son of Eochaid and Oric son of Albirit, heir designate of Saxan, with a great slaughter of their followers.

The death of Eochu Buide son of Aedán in the 20th year of his reign.

The battle of Dún Ceithirn in which Congal Caech took flight, and Domnall son of Aed was victor, in which Guaire Gaillsech son of Forinnán fell.

Annal CS630

Kalends sixth feria.

The battle of Leitheirbe between the Cenél Feradaigh and the Cenél Meic Erca, in which Mael Fithrich fell. Ernaine son of Fiachna was victor.

The killing of Brandub son of Mael Cobo.


The death of Connad Cerr, as some say, in the first year of his reign, in the battle of Fid Eoin.

The falling asleep of Finntan son of Mael Dub.

Mo-Bai moccu Aldai rested.

The death of Aelle, king of the Saxons.

Annal CS631

Kalends seventh feria.

The death of Cinead son of Lugthréine, king of the picts.

Annal CS632

Kalends fifth feria.

The battle of Áth Abla, in which Dícuill son of Fergus Tuile fell by the Munster host.

The island church of Medgote was founded.

Annal CS633

Kalends third feria.

The battle of Áth Goan in western Life in which Cremthann son of Aed son of Senach, king of Laigin, fell. Faelán son of Colmán and Conall son of Suibne, king of Mide, and Failbe Flann, king of Mumu, were victors.

The death of Mór of Mumu.

Enán of Druim Raithi rested.