Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS624


Death of Rónan son of Colmán, and Colmán of Stiallán died.

The killing of Dor son of Aed Allán. Failbe Fland Fidbad slew him, whence his mother said:


    1. It would be a noble wounding
      It would not be the demolition of Inis Cail—
      If the shout of the enemy was raised
      Round the head of Failbe Flann Fidhbadh.

Birth of Adamnán, abbot of Ia.

Annal CS625

Kalends seventh feria.

Maedóc of Ferna rested.

The son of Fiachna i.e. Mongán was struck by Arthur son of Bicuir the Briton with a stone and died, of which Bécc of Bairche said:

    1. Cold is the wind across Ile
      Which blows against the youth of Cenn-tire;
      They will commit a cruel deed in consequence;
      They will kill Mongan, son of Fiachna.

Cormac caem and Illand son of Fiachu die.Ronan, son of Tuathal died:—

    1. The church of Cluain-Airthir to-day—
      Illustrious the four on whom it closed:
      Cormac the mild, who submitted to tribulations,
      And Illann, son of Fiacha.
    2. And the other pair,
      To whom many territories were obedient—
      Mongan, son of Fiachna Lurgan,
      And Ronan, son of Tuathal.

Óengus son of Colmán Mór, king of Mide, was killed.

Cathal son of Aed, king of Mumu, died.

Annal CS626

Kalends first feria.

The battle of Leithet Midind in which Fiachna son of Baedán, i.e. the king of Dál Araide, was killed. Fiachna son of Demán i.e. the king of Dál Fiachach, was victor.


Annal CS627

Kalends second feria.

The battle of Ard Corann won by the Dál Riata in which fell Fiachna son of Demán by the king of Dál Riata.

The battle of Carn Feradaig. Failbe the Red was victor. Guaire of Aidne took flight. Conall son of Mael Dub, king of Uí Maine, fell, and Mael Dúin and Mael Ruain and Mael Calcaigh, Conall son of Mael Dub son of Mael Bresail.

The vision of Fursa was manifested.

Annal CS628


The battle of Bolg Luatha, in which he himself fell. Faelán son of Colmán, king of Laigin, was victor.

The battle of Both, in which Suibne Menn son of Fiachna was victor; Domnall son of Aed took flight.

The slaying of Suibne Menn son of Fiachna in Tráig Bréni, by Congal Caech son of Scannal.

Repose of Columbanus son of Badéne, abbot of Cluain.

The killing of Cuman son of Colmán.

The devastation of Laigin by Domnall.

Domnall son of Aed reigns.