Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS619

Kalends sixth feria.

Death of Aed Bennán, overking of Mumu, of the Eoganacht.

Death of Sillán, abbot of Mag Bili, and Fíngein son of Fiachra rested.

Annal CS620


The slaying of the kindred of Baetán, i.e. of Ailill son of Baetán and of Mael Dúin son of Fergus son of Baetán and of Díucaill, in Mag Leced in the territory of Connacht.


The death of Fiachra son of Ciarán son of Ainmire son of Sétna i.e. a second founder of Daire Calgaigh.

Annal CS621


The death of Óengus son of Colmán Mór, i.e. king of Uí Néill.

Dúnchad son of Eóganán, Nechtan son of Canu, and Aed died.

Fíngein son of Fiachra Encride rested.

Annal CS622


The battle of Cenn Deilgthen, in which two sons of Librén son of Illand son of Cerball fell. Conall son of Suibne was victor, and Domnall Brec with him.

Or this year the death of Caemgein.

Conaing son of Aedán son of Gabrán was drowned.

    1. The waves of the sea great and clear
      And the sands have covered them;
      Against a frail wattled curach
      They have combined to destroy Conaing.
    2. The woman who flung her fair locks
      Into his skiff, over Conaing;—
      Pleasantly she smiles
      To-day, before Bile Tortan.

Death of Mael Mracho son of Rímid son of Colmán son of Cobthach, and of Ailill son of Cellach.

The battle of Cennguba, in which Colmán son of Cobthach, i.e. the father of Guaire, king of Connacht, fell by Ragallach son of Uatu.

The death of Colgu son of Cellach.

Annal CS623

Kalends fourth feria.

Death of Fergna, abbot of Ia.

Repose of Mac Laisre, abbot of Ard Macha.

The storming of Raíth Guala by Fiachna son of Baetán.