Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS614

Kalends sixth feria.

Lucaill the Tall, abbot of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

A star was seen at the seventh hour of the day.

Annal CS615


The slaying of Mael Coba son of Aed son of Ainmire in the battle of Sliab Tuath. Suibne Menn son of Fiachna was victor.

Repose of Diarmait, third abbot of Cluain Iraird.

The death of Rónán son of Colmán, king of Laigin.

Suibne Menn rules.

Gormán, of the Mugdorna, from whom sprang the descendants of Conn—it is he who was for a year on the water of Tiprat Fingin, and on pilgrimage in Cluain he died.

Annal CS616


Annal CS617


The burning of Donnán of Aig on the fifteenth of the Kalends of May with one hundred and fifty martyrs; and the laying waste of Torach.

Annal CS618


Caemgein of Glenn da Locha rested in Christ in the 120th year of his age.

The slaying of Fergus son of Colmán Mór, king of Mide, by Anfartach descendent of Mescán, of the people of Blaitíne.