Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS604


The slaying of Colmán Rímid by a man of his own kindred who was called Lochán Dilmada.

    1. Of what value kingship, of what value law,
      Of what value power over princes,
      Since it is king Colmán the counter
      Whom Lochan Dilmada has slain?

The slaying of Aed Sláine by Conall son of Suibne on the brink of Loch Semdid. Aed Gustan, foster-brother of Conall, and Baethgal Bile killed him. Hence was said:

    1. The advice was no preventative
      To the warriors north of Tuirbe;
      Conall slew Aed Sláine,
      Aed Sláine slew Suibne.

The slaying of Aed Rón, king of Uí Failge, in Faithche meic Meccnaen on the same day in which Aed Sláine was slain. Aed Buide, king of Tebtha, and the king of Uí Maine i.e. Maine son of Niall, were killed in Bruiden da Coca by the same Conall.

    1. Great was the red sorrow—
      Over the chieftains of Erinn all—
      Aedh Slaine, with multitudes,
      Aedh Roin, Aedh Buidhe were slain.

Death of Conall son of Aed son of Ainmire.

Cú cen Máthair, king of Mumu, died.

Colmán son of Léníne rested.

Lasrén of Min Drochait {Mendrochat?} rested.

Mauricius dies.

Annal CS605


The battle of Slaebre in which Brandub son of Eochu was vanquished. The Uí Néill were the victors.

The slaying of Brandub king of Laigin, by his own son-in-law, whose name was Sarán Saebderc, i.e. superior of Senboth Sine. Thence was said:


    1. Sarán the squint-eyed, running his course till now,
      As superior of Senboth Sine,
      It was he—it is not fiction—
      Who killed Brandub son of Eochu.

Of which an old woman of Laighen spoke the verse:—

    1. If, in the lifetime of Eochaid's son,
      The Northern had come to me,
      From the battle regarding which they boast,
      They would have been long panic-driven.
    2. If in a pillared house
      Were the son of Eochaidh, son of Muiredhach,
      I would not bear my full sack
      To a church for the sake of Aedh Aldan.

Death of Laisrén, abbot of Ia.

Death of Colmán son of Feradach, king of Osraige.

Aed Allán rules for seven years.

Annal CS606

Kalends fourth feria.

Death of Aedán son of Gabrán son of Domangart in the 37th year of his reign and the 88th or86th year of his age.

The slaying of the sons of Baetán son of Cairell in Dún Mogna by their uterine brother.

Annal CS607


Annal CS608


Death of Fiachra Caech son of Baetán, by the Cruithin, and repose of Eochu.