Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS594

Kalends third feria.

Annal CS595

Kalends fourth feria.

Repose of Colum Cille on the eve of Pentecost, the fifth of the Ides of June, in the 36th year of his pilgrimage, in the 76th year of his age, as is said:

    1. Thirty years, without light, was
      Colum Cille in his Black Regles;
      He went to angels from his body
      After seven years and seventy.

Annal CS596


Annal CS597


The battle of Sliab Cua in Mumu, in which Fiachna son of Baetán was victor.

The killing of Cumascach son of Aed by Brandub son of Eochu in Dún Buchat.

Death of Tipraite son of Calgach.

Annal CS598

Kalends first feria.

Repose of Baethéne, abbot of Ia.

The battle of Dún Bolg, won by Brandub son of Eochu with the Laigin, on the 4th of the Ides of January, in which fell Aed son of Ainmire by Brandub son of Eochu and Béc son of Cuanu, king of Airgialla, and other nobles; of this was said:

    1. At Buach
      The wave dashes against the brink;
      Accounts report, though abhorrent,
      That Aedh, son of Ainmire, was slain;


His wife said:

    1. There were three beloved sides
      Of whose return there is no hope;
      The side of Taillten, the side of Temhair,
      And the side of Aedh, son of Ainmire.

The beginning of the joint reign of Colmán Rímid and Aed Sláine.