Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS559


Brénainn founded the church of Cluain Ferta.

    1. Since Mac Ua Eltai possessed it—
      Brenainn, with all his perfections—
      If not the better, not the worse therefor,
      From that time to this has Cluain Ferta been.

Brénainn went up in the air in his chariot.

Annal CS560


The last feast i.e. of Temair held by Diarmait son of Cerball. AU 558, 9, 560.

The death of Gabrán son of Domangart, king of Alba. AU 558, 9, 560.

The flight of the Scots before Bruide son of Máelchú, king of the Cruithin. AU 558, 560.

The killing of Curnán, son of Aed son of Eochu, king of Connacht, by Diarmait son of Cerball when under the protection of Colum Cille, and this is why the battle of Cúl Dremne was fought.

Annal CS561


The battle of Cúil Dreimne i.e. in vengeance won over Diarmait son of Cerball. Forgus and Domnall two sons of Mac Erca and Ainmire son of Setna and Nainnid son of Daui, and Aed son of Eochu Tirmcharna, king of Connacht, were victors through the prayers of Colum Cille, saying:

    1. O God!
      Why dost thou not ward off the mist,
      That we might reckon the number
      Of the host which has taken judgment from us.
    2. A host that marches around a Cairn,
      And a son of storm that betray us;
      My druid—he will not refuse me—is
      The Son of God; with us He will act.

    3. p.33

    4. How grandly he bears his course—
      Baedan's steed—before the host;
      Good for Baedan of the yellow hair
      He will win his renown on him.

Fraechán son of Tenusan made the druidic 'fence' for Diarmait son of Cerball, Tuatán son of Dimán son of Sarán son of Cormac son of Eógan cast the druidic 'fence' over them. Maglaine leaped over it and he alone was killed.

Annal CS562

Kalends sixth feria.

The battle of Cúil Uinsen in Tethba won over Diarmait son of Cerball by Aed son of Brénainn, king of Tethba, in which Diarmait took flight.

Annal CS563


The voyage of Colum Cille to the Island of Í in the 42nd year of his age.

The battle of Móin Daire Lothair won over the Cruithin by the Uí Néill of the North, in which fell seven kings of the Cruithin including Aed Brec. Baetán son of Cenn with two branches of the Cruithin fight it against the Cruithin, and Cenél nEógain and Cenél Conaill fought it for hire, for the Lee and Ard Eolarg. Of this Cennfaelad sang:

    1. Weapons press forward, men press forward
      In the great bog of Daire Lothair,
      A cause of strife discomfited,
      Around the king of Cruithin, Aed Brecc.
    2. The battle of all the Cruithin is fought,
      They burn Eilne;
      The battle of Gabar Liphi is fought,
      And the battle of Cúil Dreimne.
    3. Hostages are taken way after conflict,
      Away west, with a (human harvest),

      [gap: extent: word?]
      Fergus, Domnall, Aimire,
      And Nainnid son of Daui.

    4. p.35

    5. The two sons of Mac Erca return
      To join in the same battle;
      And the King, Ainmire,
      Returns into the possessions of Senna.

Aedán grandson of Fiachra dies.