Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS554

Kalends third feria.

Birth of MoLua moccu Óchae. AU 554.

A pestilence called the samthrosc.

Annal CS555

Kalends fifth feria.

Cathub son of Fergus, bishop of Achad Chinn, rested in the 150th year of his age. AU 555.

Pope Vigilius rested.

Annal CS556

Kalends sixth feria.

Annal CS557


The killing of Fergna son of Ibdach, king of Ulaid, in the battle of Druim Cleithe, by Demán son of Cairell and the Uí Echach of Ard. AU 557.

Nessán the leper rested.


Annal CS558

Kalends first feria.

The killing of Colmán Mór son of Diarmait, in his own chariot, by Dub Sloit hu Trena. AU 558.

The church of Bennchor was founded. AU 555,558.