Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS549

Kal. iv.



Annal CS550

Kalends fifth feria.

The battle of Cúil Conaire in Cera, in which Ailill Inbanda son of Eogan king of Connacht, and Aed Fortamail his brother fell. Forgus and Domnall, the two sons of Mac Erca, were victors. AU 550.

Annal CS551

Kalends sixth feria.

A great mortality i.e. the Crom Conaill, in which these saints rested i.e. Finnian i.e. of Cluain Iraird moccu Teldub and Colam son of Crimthann, Colam of Inis Celtra, Sinchell son of Cenannán abbot of Cell Achaid Druimfhata, and Mac Táil of Cell Cuilinn who is called Eógan son of Corcrán.AU 549

Annal CS552

Kalends first feria.

The battle of Cuilen in which the Corcu Óche of Mumu perished through the prayers of Íta of Cluain Credail. AU 552.

Death of Fothad son of Conall. AU 552.

Annal CS553

Kalends second feria.

Death of Eochu son of Conlaed king of Ulaid from whom are descended the Uí Echach Ulad. AU 553.

Death of Béc son of Dé, a prophet. AU 553.