Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS544

Kal. v. A.D.544

Tuathal Maelgarbh, son of Cormac Caech, son of Coirpre, son of Niall, King of Temhair, died from a wound inflicted by Maelmor Ua Machí, who also was forthwith slain himself. Hence is said "the feat of Maelmor".

Quies of Mac Cuilind, and of Odhran from Letracha.

The decapitation of Ambacuc at the Fair of Taillten, through the power of Saint Ciaran, viz.:— a false oath he swore by the Saint's hand, so that a gangrene settled on his neck. Seven years he remained alive with the Monks.

Ciaran the Great, son of the Carpenter, quievit in the 33rd year of his age; in the seventh month, also, after he began to build Cluain-muc-Nois. Beoid was the name of Ciaran's father, and Darerca the name of his mother, as he himself said: —

    1. Darerca was my mother;
      She was not an evil woman;
      Beoid, the carpenter, was my father;
      He was of the Latharna Molt.

Diarmaid Mac Cerbhaill begins to reign. Maelmor was a son of Diarmaid's mother.

Annal CS545

Kal. A.D.545

Tigernach, Bishop of Cluain-eois, quievit.

Annal CS546

Kal. vii.

Annal CS547

Kal. v.

Annal CS548

Kal. iii.