Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS539

Kal. vi.

Annal CS540

Kal. vii. A.D.540

Birth of Pope Gregory.

Annal CS541

Kal. i. A.D.541

A great mortality which is called Belefeth, in which Mobhi Clairinech, whose name is Bercan, 'prorectano poetae', perished.

Annal CS542

Kal. A.D.542

Ailbhe, of Senchua Ua nAililla, quievit.

Annal CS543

Kal. A.D.543

The battle of Tortan gained by the Lagenians, in which fell Mac Erca (from whom are the Fir Cera), son of Ailill Molt, son of Dathi.

The battle of Sligech, in which Eoghan Bel, King of Connacht, was slain. Fergus and Domhnall, two sons of Mac Erca; and Ainmire, son of Senna; and Nindigh, son of Duach, were the victors:—

    1. The battle of Ui Fiachrach is fought,
      With the fury of edged weapons, against Bel;
      The enemy's kine roar at lances;
      The battle is spread out at Crinder.
    2. The Sligech bears to the great sea
      The blood of men, with their flesh;
      Trophies are carried across Ebha,
      With the head of Eoghan Bel.

Lughaidh, Bishop of Condere, quievit.