Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS529

Kal. iii.

Annal CS530

Kal. iv. A.D.530

The battle of Ebhlinn gained by Muircertach Mac Earca, and the battle of Magh Ailbhe, over the Lagenians; and the battle of Aidhne over the men of


Connacht; and the battle of Almhain and battle of Cenn-eich over the Lagenians; and the plunder of the Cliachs—all in one year, of which Cendfaeladh sang:—
    1. The battle of Cenn-eich; the battle of Almhain;—
      It was an illustrious, famous period;—
      The devastation of the Cliachs; the battle of Aidhne;
      And the battle of Magh Ailbhe.

Annal CS531

Kal. v. A.D.531

Muircertach Mac Earca immersed in a vat of wine, and burnt and mortally wounded, on the night of Samhain, on the summit of Cleitech, over the Boyne, as was said by Saint Cairnech:—

    1. I am fearful of the woman
      Round whom many storms shall move;
      For the man who shall be burned
      On the side of Cleitech, wine shall drown.
    2. Sín is the woman that killed thee,
      O, Mac Earca, as I perceive;
      Numerous will her names be here—
      She will set one astray.
    3. Not beloved is the woman
      Whose name is Sín;
      As for the King, fire shall burn him,
      In the house of Cleitech wine shall drown him.
    4. The King, Mac Erca, returns
      To the side of the Ui Néill;
      Blood reaches girdles in the plain;
      Territories increase afar.

    5. p.45

    6. Seven times he fights nine battles,
      And long shall it be remembered;
      He carried off the hostages of the Ui Neill,
      With the hostages of the plain of Mumhan.
Sín said, recounting her names:—
    1. Osnadh, Esnadh, Sín without blemish,
      Gaeth garbh, and Gemadhaigh,
      Ochsadh, Iachtadh—saying without falsehood—
      These are my names in every way.

Ailbhe, of Imlech Ibhair, quievit.

Annal CS532

Kal. vii. A.D.532

Tuathal Maelgarbh reigned eleven years.

Dormitatio of Saint Mochta, disciple of Patrick, on the 16th of the Kalends of September, as he wrote in his epistle, Mochta, a sinner, Presbyter, disciple of Saint Patrick, sends greeting in the Lord.

Annal CS533

Kal. i. A.D.533

The battle of Luachair-mór edir-da-Inbher gained by Tuathal Maelgarbh over the Ciannachta.