Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS524

Kal. iv. A.D.524

Death of Illann, son of Dunlaing, King of Laighen.

The battle of Luachair gained by Coirpre over the Uibh Neill, of which was said:—

    1. The fierce battle of Luachair, over head, downwards,
      Brigid saw; no fruitless miracle;
      The bloody battle of Finnabhair was noble,
      About the body of Illann after death.

Annal CS525

Kal. v.

Annal CS526

Kal. vi. A.D.526

Birth of Caeman Brec.

Annal CS527

Kal. vii.

Annal CS528

Kal. ii. A.D.528

The battle of Cenn-eich and the battle of Ath-Sighe gained over the Lagenians. Muircertach Mac Earca was the victor.