Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS514

Kal. vi. A.D.514

Quies of Darerca, of Cill-Slebhe-Cuilinn, who was afterwards called Moninne, Aninne sanatho.

Annal CS515

Kal. vii. A.D.515

Comgall, of Bennchair, born.

Annal CS516

Kal. ii. A.D.516

Cainnech, of Achadh Bó, born.

Annal CS517

Kal. iii. A.D.517

Conlaedh, Bishop of Cill Dara, quievit.

Annal CS518

Kal. iv. A.D.518

Battle of Detna, in Droma-Bregh, in which fell Ardgal, son of Conall Crimhthann, son of Niall. Muircertach Mac Earca, and Colga, son of Cloith, son of Crunn, son of Fedhlimidh, King of Airghiall, were the victors.

Buti, son of Bronach, died, and Colum Cille was born, of whom was said:—

    1. The gentle birth of Colum, our cleric,
      To-day over noble Erinn;
      On the same day occurred — no arrogant saying—
      The bright, victorious death of the son of Bronach.


Ailill, Abbot of Ardmacha, slept.

Beoid, Bishop of Ardcarna, rested.