Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS494

Kal. A.D.494

Anastasius was ordained Pope, and lived afterwards two years.

The battle of Slemhain of Meath gained over the Lagenians by Coirpre, son of Niall.

Mochaoe of Naendruim quievit.

Bishop Cormac indernidhe, comharb of Patrick, pausavit.


Annal CS495

Kal. v. A.D.495

A great earthquake shook the Pontic Province.

Anastasius pausavit.

Annal CS496

Kal. vi. A.D.496

Symmachus, 49th Pope of the Roman Church lived fifteen years.

The battle of Cenn Ailbhe gained over the Lagenians by Coirpre, son of Niall

Annal CS497

Kal. vii. A.D.497

The battle of Seghais gained by Muircertach Mac Earca over Duach Tengumha, King of Connacht, in which Duach was slain; of which Cennfaeladh said:—

    1. The battle of Seghais—
      A certain woman caused it;
      Red blood was brought over lances
      By Duisech, daughter of Duach.
    2. The battle of Delg, and battle of Mucremhe,
      And the battle of Tuaim Drubha,
      With the battle of Seghais, wherein fell
      Duach Tengumha.

Annal CS498

Kal. i.