Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS489

Kal. iii. A.D.489

Patrick, Archbishop and Apostle of the Irish, in the 122nd year of his age, on the l6th of the Kalends of April, quievit, ut dicitur:—

    1. Since Christ was born, a joyful reckoning,
      Four hundred and fair ninety;
      Three exact years after that
      To the death of Patrick, Chief Apostle.

Annal CS490


Annal CS491

Kal. v. A.D.491

The battle of Taillten was gained over the Lagenians by Coirpre, son of Niall.

Annal CS492

Kal. i. A.D.492

The second battle of Graine, in which fell Fraech, son of Finnchadh, King of Southern Leinster. Eochaidh, son of Coirpre, was the victor.

Annal CS493

Kal. ii. A.D.493

Rest of Cuindidh, son of Cathmogha, i.e. Mac Cuilind, Bishop of Lusca.

An eclipse of the sun appeared.

Battle of Dunlethglaise.

Gelasius quievit.