Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS429

Kal. i. A.D.428

Nathí, son of Fiachra, perished by lightning at Sliabh Ealpa, after possessing the sovereignty of Erinn, and of the world, so far.

Annal CS430

Kal. ii. A.D.429

From the beginning of the world, according to the Hebrews, 4481 years.

Laeghaire, son of Niall, held the kingdom of Hibernia thirty years.

Annal CS431

Kal iii. A.D.431

From the Incarnation of the Lord, 432 years.

Annal CS432

Kal. vi. A.D.432

From the death of the hero, Cucullainn, to this year, there are 431 years; from the death of Conchobhar Mac Nessa, 412 years.

Patrick, i.e. the Archbishop, comes to Hibernia, and begins to baptize the Scoti, in the ninth year of Theodosius


the younger, the first year of the episcopate of Sixtus, 45th Bishop of the Roman Church, and the fourth year of the reign of Laeghaire, son of Niall.

Annal CS433

Kal. vii. A.D.433

First Indiction.