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Chronicon Scotorum

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translated by William M. Hennessy, Gearóid Mac NiocaillElectronic edition compiled by Beatrix Färber and Ruth Murphy

Funded by University College, Cork and
Professor Marianne McDonald via the CELT Project

2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

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This digital edition is based in part on an unpublished edition by Gearóid Mac Niocaill, copyrighted to him, and used with kind permission of the author.


    Manuscript sources
  1. Dublin, Trinity College Library, 1292 olim H. 1. 18, ff. 16–37; paper; s. xvii (c. 1640x1650); scribe Dubhaltach Mac Fir Bhisigh, writing in a formal archaising hand; patron Dr John Lynch. Annals from AM 1599 to 1135. There is a lacuna, AD 723–804 (part). Further annals, of unknown provenance, occupy the four last pages, refer to the years 1141–50, and are published in Hennessy's edition. These are in the ordinary hand of Mac Fir Bhisigh and his unidentified amanuensis. All later MSS of Chronicum Scotorum derive from MS 1292 and have no independent value.
  1. W. M. Hennessy (ed. & trans.) Chronicum Scotorum, RS 46 (London 1866; repr. Wiesbaden 1964).
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  7. Daniel P. Mc Carthy, on his website at offers comprehensive information on two traditions of dating used in the Irish Annals, together with two ancillary articles, 'Chronological synchronisation of the Irish annals', and 'Collation of the Irish regnal canon'.
  8. Daniel P. Mc Carthy, The Irish Annals: their genesis, evolution and history (Dublin 2008).
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Chronicon Scotorum. in English TranslationGearóid Mac Niocaill (ed), [296 pp]

    Unpublished manuscript

  2. Chronicum Scotorum: A Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from the earliest times to A.D. 1135, with a supplement containing the events from 1141 to 1150. William M. Hennessy (ed), First edition [lvii + 349 pp] Longmans, Green, Reader, and DyerLondon (1866)


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CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

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The CS was copied by Dubhaltach Mac Firbhisigh. The present translation comprises the Pre-Christian section (in narrative form), and the Prepatrician (353–431) and Postpatrician sections in annal from (432 to 549, 550–722, 804–1135, and 1141–1150). For years 550–1150 Gearóid Mac Niocaill's unpublished edition, donated to CELT in 2001, was used. His dating deviates from Hennessy's edition. From the Incipit to 549 and for most of the poems, the translation has been supplemented from Hennessy. He gives the marginal MS dates, which have been retained for the entries predating 550, though the dates are not historical. For the years 550–1150 Mac Niocaill's dating has been used. There is still some uncertainty around the dates, and it is hoped to integrate Dr Daniel Mac Carthy's findings in a later draft. Missing text supplied by the respective editor is tagged sup resp="" with "GMN" or "WMH" indicated in the resp attribute. Text supplied from Hennessy's edition is tagged sup source="WMH".

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Created: By William Hennessy (1866) and Gearóid MacNiocaill (1999) (Hennessy's text: 1866; Mac Niocaill's text: 1999)

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Language: [EN] The translation is in English.
Language: [GA] A few terms are in Old and Middle Irish.
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