Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Mac Carthaigh's Book (Author: [unknown])

Annal MCB1247


The first of January on Tuesday and the twenty-first day of the moon.


A great hosting by Mac Muiris [Fitzgerald] and the Galls into Cinéal Conaill, and they reached Eas Ruaidh. Ó Domhnaill assembled Cinéal Conaill and Cinéal Eoghain, and these forces met and joined battle, and Ó Domhnaill was defeated. Maol Seachlainn Ó Domhnaill, king of Cinéal Conaill, was killed there, and Mac Somhairle, king of Oirer Gaedheal, Giolla Muinéalach Ó Baoighill, and chiefs of Cinéal Conaill were killed there by Mac Muiris Fitzgerald. All Cinéal Conaill was plundered and ravaged by them, and even the Galls there suffered great loss by that rout.


William Brett, i.e. the sheriff of Connacht, his kinsman, a young knight; and the seneschal of Connacht, i.e. Mac Eliget, were killed by the son of Anmchadh Mac Giolla Phádraig of the Osraighe.


Tadhg son of Conchobhar Ruadh [Ó Conchobhair] burned Inis Mór Claonlocha, and twenty-eight Galls were burned there.


A hosting by the sons of the kings of Connacht; including Toirdhealbhach son of Aodh son of Cathal Croibhdhearg [Ó Conchobhair]. They came to Fiodh Ó nDiarmada and Muinntear Fhathaigh and killed people in these places. From there they came to the castle of Bun na Gaillmhe, and they burned the town and the castle, and a great many people were killed and destroyed. The Galls pursued them and gave them battle, and they killed a number of Galls, and departed in spite


of them, and went into Ceara. But Jordan de Exeter, Clann Ádam, and the Galls of Ceara assembled.and went against Toirdhealbhach. Toirdhealbhach left the territory, as he had not sufficient forces to meet them.


Buirgéis Cinn Tráchta was burned by Tadhg son of Conchobhar Ruadh [Ó Conchobhair] and Tadhg son of Tuathal [Ó Conchobhair].


Nevertheless, the Galls did not get such a terrorising for a long time as in that was of the kings' sons, for they did not leave a territory or a cantred in Connacht unpillaged in that year.


A new Justiciar was sent to Ireland by the king of England this year, and his rule was good.

Annal MCB1248


The first of January on Wednesday and the second day of the moon.


A hosting by the sons of Maghnus [Ó Conchobhair] and the son of Conchobhar Ruadh [Ó Conchobhair] and they turned against the Galls and burned the castle of Mac Henry [Butler] and captured its constable, and they took the preys of the north of Umhall into Inse Modh. However, Jordan de Exeter, John Butler, Robin Lawless, and several people assembled and came to Baile Tobair Phádraig, and from there to Achadh Fabhair, and they plundered Umhall, north and south, on the following day. [Mac] Henry [Butler] also came with an army into Umhall, for it was his, and he was living there. Mac Henry, however, made a peace with Domhnall the son of Maghnus [Ó Conchobhair], and Domhnall promised him forces and vessels to attack his kinsmen. Ó Conchobhair's sons were on Inse Modh, and they heard that forces were going from [Mac] Henry to Domhnall for vessels. They went to ambush this band, and of them they killed Ouain son of the Englishwoman and John son of the English priest, and Diarmaid son of Maghnus [Ó Conchobhair] killed in that attack Sinnott Guiber and four of his people with him, and Diarmaid was killed there, and more was the pity.


Tadhg son of Conchobhar Ruadh [Ó Conchobhair] was killed by Galls this year, and he was greatly feared and hated by the Galls up to his death.


A hosting by Maurice Fitzgerald into Tír Chonaill. He took preys, plundered, banished Ó Canannáin from the country, and gave the lordship to Ó Domhnaill's son.



A hosting by the Justiciar of Ireland against Ó Néill and Cinéal Eóghain, who decided to give hostages to the Justiciar, since the sway of the Galls was over all Ireland.


Ruaidhrí Ó Canannáin was killed by Gofraidh son of Domhnall Mór Ó Domhnaill, who took into himself the kingship.


Muircheartach Cléireach Ó Dubhda was killed by Aodh son of Feidhhmidh Ó Conchobhair this year.


John Tyrrell was killed with nobles of his people by Giolla na Naomh Ó Fearghail.


Richard son of the people of William de Burgo died in England, and his body was brought to Ireland and buried in Áth Eiseal.


Amlaoibh son of Cathal Riabhach Ó Ruairc was treacherously killed by Conchobhar Carrach Mac Donnchadha.

Annal MCB1249


The first of January on Friday and the thirteenth day of the moon.


A great hosting by the Justiciar of Ireland against Leinster to check the kings' sons who were creating havoc throughout Leinster, but they did not pay any heed to him, and he plundered the territory when he did not overtake them.


Fínghin Mac Carthaigh made war and wrought great havoc on the Galls of Desmond this year.


Adam Minniter was killed by the son of Giolla Mo Choinni Ó Cathail, and many along with him.


Pierce Power, David Drew, and a mounted force of young men with them, advanced before Bermingham into Connacht to the castle of Sligo. The son of Feidhlimidh [Ó Conchobhair] heard of this, and he ambushed them, and there were killed by hum Pierce Power, David Drew, and five of the young men, and their bodies were taken to Eas Dara. As regards Feidhhmidh's son, he advanced into Tír Fhiachrach, and traversing Bermingham's territory, he plundered from the Muadh to Traigh; and Gearóidín [Bermingham] followed ...


Annal MCB1303


... the [Red] Earl, Galls, and many Irish went from Ireland with a large fleet, and gained sway over Scotland.


Teabóid de Burgo, brother of the Earl, died at Carrickfergus on Christmas Eve, after coming from that hosting.

Annal MCB1304


The first of January [- - - ]. Matha son of Giolla Íosa Ó Raighilligh, king of Bréifne, was killed, together with gallowglasses, at Achadh na Corra by the Teallach Dúnchadha. Mac Samhradháin and Mac Dorchaidh were wounded there.


The Countess, wife of Richard de Burgo, Earl of Ulster, died.


Walter de Burgo, heir to the same Earl, died.

Annal MCB1305


The first of January [- - - -]. Muircheartach Ó Conchobhair Failghe, Maol Mórdha, his kinsman, i.e. An Calbhach Ó Conchobhair, and twenty-nine of the nobles of his people were treacherously killed by Sir Pierce Bermingham in Caisleán Feórais.


The castle of Inis Eóghain was built by the Earl [of Ulster].


Aodh son of Cathal Ó Conchobhair and Clann Mhuircheartaigh inflected a defeat on Muinntear Raighilligh, in which Pilib Ó Raighilligh fell, together with the heir of Clann Shuibhne, Mac Buirrche, head of the gallowglasses, and one hundred and forty others.


Toirdhealbhach son of Niall Ruadh Ó Briain rested in Christ.


Matha Óg Ó Raighilligh was killed by the Teallach Dúnchadha.


Aodh Óg Ó Fearghail rested in Christ.

Annal MCB1306


The first of January [- - - -]. Toirdhealbhach Ó Briain, king of Thomond, died. Donnchadh Ó Briain, his son, was made king in his place.



Fearghal Mac Raghnaill, chieftain of Muinntear Eólais, was killed by his own kinsmen.


Donnchadh son of Conchobhar an Chopáin [Mac Diarmada] and Flann Ó Floinn were killed by Aodh son of Eoghan Ó Conchobhair.


A great war between Aodh son of Eoghan Ó Conchobhair, king of Connacht, together with the nobles of Síol Muireadhaigh, and Aodh son of Cathal Ó Conchobhair, with many sons of the kings and chieftains of Connacht, together with chieftains and nobles of Bréifne, along the Shannon for three or four months. A number of the kings' sons attached to Aodh son of Cathal [Ó Conchobhair] made an incursion into the Tuatha with a force and they took preys and spoils. Flann son of Fiachra Ó Floinn, who was eligible for the chieftainship of Síol Maoil Ruanaidh, Brian son of Donnchadh Riabhach Ó Conchobhair, and many others were killed in the pursuit of that prey.


Donnchadh Ó Flaithbheartaigh, bishop of Killala, a man renowned for generosity and piety, rested in Christ.


Robert Bruce, great steward of Carraig, took the kingship of Scotland by force, in opposition to the king of England.


Domhnall Tuirtreach Ó Neill was killed through a mischance by the household of Ó Néill.


Sir William Prendergast, a very valiant knight, died.


A great foray was made by Clann Mhuircheartaigh into Cairbre, in which Dáuíd Ó Caomháin and many others were killed.


Brian Carrach Ó hEaghra was killed by Cormac Ó Flannagáin.

Annal MCB1307


The first of January [- - - -]. Donnchadh Muimhneach Ó Ceallaigh, king of Uí Mhaine, a man equally skilled in every good thing serviceable to man, rested in Christ.


Domhnall son of Tadhg son of Brian son of Aindrias son of Brian Luighneach son of Toirdhealbhach Mór [Ó Conchobhair] was killed by Aodh Bréifnech son of Cathal Ruadh Ó Conchobhair.


Tadhg son of Maol Sheachlainn son of Donnchadh son of Domhnall son of Maghnus son of Toirdhealbhach Mór was killed by Cathal son of Domhnall son of Tadhg [Ó Conchobhair].


Maol Sheachlainn Ó Gairmleadhaigh, chieftain of Cinéal Moáin, rested in Christ.



Amhlaoibh son of Art son of Cathal Ó Ruairc, king of Bréifne, was killed by the son of Fearghal Garbh Mac Samhradháin.


Conchobhar son of Fiachra Ó Floinn died.


Eachdhruim Ó Maine was burned by a number of the princes of Uí Mhaine.


The Galls of all Roscommon were for the most part killed by Donnchadh Ó Ceallaigh, king of Uí Mhaine, at Áth Eascrach Cuan, where Philip Muinnter, John Muinnter and Matthew Drew fell, and others were killed or despoiled or captured. Diarmaid Gall Mac Diarmada and Cormac Mac Ceithearnaigh were captured there, and their forces were released subject to control, and the sheriff of Roscommon was also captured there. But they were released after a while, and they made peace [i.e. restitution] for the burning of the town by Edmund Butler.


Donnchadh Ó Flannagáin, bishop of Elphin, rested in Christ.


Young Edward, king of England, Wales, and Ireland, was crowned.


Ailbhe, daughter of Tadhg Ó Conchobhair, died.


Clann Mhuircheartaigh came into Magh Cétne and burned the corn of Cairbre and much of the corn of Tír Oilealla and Corann; and it was on this expedition that Tadhg son of Maghnus [Ó Conchobhair] was killed.


Cathal son of Maghnus [Ó Conchobhair] was killed by the same Cathal.


Maghnus Mac Oireachtaigh died.

Annal MCB1308


The first of January [- - - -]. The two territories of Cairbre Droma Chabh were plundered by Ruaidhrí son of Cathal Ruadh Ó Conchobhair.


Tighearnán Mac Tighearnán died.


A great raid was made by Maol Ruanaidh Mac Diarmada on the sons of Domhnall Ó Conchobhair in Cairbre. Another raid was made by Brian Ó Dubhda and the Galls of Luighne and Uí Fhiachrach on the same sons.


Lightning struck the monastery of the friars in Roscommon and damaged it.


Annal MCB1309


The first of January [- - - -]. Aodh son of Eóghan son of Ruaidhrí son of Aodh son of Cathal Croibhdhearg [Ó Conchobhair], king of Connacht and eligible for the kingship of Ireland, was killed by Aodh Bréifnech Ó Conchobhair in Coill an Chlacháin together with many of the nobles of his people. These nobles were: Conchobhar Mac Diarmada, Diarmaid Ruadh son of Tadhg Ó Conchobhair, Diarmaid son of [Cathal] Carrach son of Tadhg son of Maol Ruanaidh [Ó Conchobhair], Diarmaid Ó hÉilidhe, and Giolla na Naomh Mac Aodhagáin, an ollamh. Aodh Bréifneach [Ó Conchobhair] came out of the district and the Trí Tuatha submitted to him.


Maol Ruanaidh Mac Diarmada, and Síol Muireadhaigh, brought William de Burgo to Elphin.


Aodh Bréifneach [Ó Conchobhair], who was in the Tuatha, went into Midhe to meet the Earl, and the Trí Tuatha turned against him when he was gone. Aodh, on coming out of Midhe, encamped in Uachtar Tíre, and taking a prey from Aodh Ó Flannagáin, he consumed it there.


Conchobhar son of Donnchadh Ó Briain was treacherously killed by the Galls.


Cathal son of An Liathánach [Ó Conchobhair], abbot of An Tríonóid, was elected to the bishopric of Elphin.


Ruaidhrí son of Cathal [Ó Conchobhair] and Ó Floinn went into An Machaire with a troop of horse and killed Bermingham's son.


William de Burgo and the Connachtmen had a meeting with the son of Cathal [Ó Conchobhair] at Áth Slisen. The meeting was broken up and a defeat inflicted on the son of Cathal there, and some of his people were killed.


William de Burgo went to the monastery of Boyle, and Clann Mhuircheartaigh came into Tír Oilealla. They burned and destroyed much corn.


MacWilliam came northwards to Coirrshliabh. Cathal's son was put out of his encampment by him, and Donnchadh Ó Fionnachta was killed by the van of MacWilliam's host, as well as others not set forth here.