Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1544


1544 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred two score and four years.


The Earl of Desmond, that is James son of James son of John, who, after encountering great opposition and faction at


the beginning of his lordship, had crushed and quelled his near neighbours, died this year.


O Domnaill's son Calbach repaired to the English Justiciar and came back, bringing with him into Tir Conaill one or two English captains at the head of a large force. O Domnaill gave them a costly and splendid entertainment, and [afterwards] they [all] went to Lifford Castle, and the hostages of the descendants of Aed O Gallchobair which O Domnaill had held for a long time were given in charge of the Englishmen, namely Cathair son of Tuathal and [Toirrdelbach] son of Feidlim Finn O Gallchobair. And as the English soldiers were sent against the castle one of their number was at once killed, under the walls, and Cathair son of Tuathal was killed by the English on the spot and in his fetters. [Thereupon] Aed O Domnaill and the rest of the descendants of Aed surrendered the castle in exchange for the son of Feidlim Finn and another son of Tuathal [Bulb], who was in captivity, and departed the country. O Domnaill dismissed the Englishmen, after paying them high wages.


O Neill's son, namely Niall son of Art Oc, died this year. He was, out of all the seed of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the prince who suffered most trouble and distress in the wars of Cenel Conaill and Cenel Eogain, a vessel of the prosperity and high lordship of Cenel Eogain, a man full of knowledge and bounty and skill in art and music, both of hand and voice. He died in the Old Castle.


O Domnaill made an expedition into the Route and captured the Loughan Islands, where Mac Uigilin had a wooden fort and strong point. After taking it he left the place in the possession of O Cathain. On this expedition he captured also Ballylough Castle, where he obtained much booty, and Loughaverra Island and Loch Lynch Island, whereon he likewise captured great booty. He burned the whole countryside and returned safely afterwards.


Mac Suibne Fanad, Toirrdelbach to wit, was killed this year.


There was war between O Domnaill and O Neill this year. O Domnaill placed himself in ambush near the Old Castle and killed some people and captured others, including the sons of Brian [O Neill].



O Neill seized a prey by the Finn.


Calbach [O Domnaill] seized a prey in Tir Eogain.


O Domnaill seized another great prey in Tir Eogain.


The sons of Mac Domnaill of Scotland, Semus and Colla, came with a force of Scots, at the instanee of Mac Uigilin; and together they took Loughan Islands from O Cathain's garrison. They burned Brian son of Donnchad O Cathain and all who were with him [on the island], men, stores, cattle and armour, and Mac Uigilin raided O Cathain and wreaked his vengeance on him.


O Cathain took into his pay the descendants of Ruaidri Mac Suibne; and one day when Mac Uigilin came over the Bann O Cathain and his gallowglasses came upon him and a strong pursuing-party overtook him, seized the prey from him and killed and wounded many of his men.


After this another great raid was made by O Cathain in the Route.


Murchad, the son of Mac Suibne na Tuath, eminent for his bounty and nobility, died this year. Donnchad Mac Suibne his brother died too.


There was a great war between the sons of Mac Suibne na Tuath. Mac Suibne's castle was captured by the sons of Murchad Mac Suibne and Brian Mac Suibne; Eogan Oc the son of Mac Suibne and Toirrdelbach son of Murchad Mac Suibne were both proclaimed chieftain; and the sons of Donnchad Mac Suibne, entering the said castle in peaceful guise for a meeting with the sons of Murchad and Brian Mac Suibne, killed Toirrdelbach son of Murchad and another Brian, the son of Mac Suibne, and delivered up the castle to Mac Suibne, in whose hands the lordship remained without opposition thenceforward.


Mac Suibne [na Tuath], that is Eogan [Mor] son of Domnall son of Niall, died while held in captivity by the Muinter Maille in West Connacht, having lived a life of humanity.