Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1543


1543 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred two score and three years.


The son of [the late] Mac Suibne Fanad, namely Maelmuire son of Domnall Oc, eligible for the lordship of Fanad, was killed by the sons of [the reigning] Mac Suibne Fanad, namely Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri son of Maelmuire. He fought bravely till he was killed, as he had done many a time before,and killed Dubaltach son of Fer Dorcha Mac Suibne, the best champion among his opponents; and not only so, but had he received fairplay he would have revenged himself well. The death of this son of Domnall was one of the most grievous of their losses to the Clann Suibne.


The son of Mac Suibne of Tir Baghaine, Eoin son of Niall, died at the beginning of his age and prosperity.


The son of O Baigill, Brian son of Niall, was treacherously killed by the young sons of O Baigill.


The Bishop of Raphoe, that is Bishop O Gallchobair, died this year.


Mag Uidir, that is Sean, made a plundering incursion into Dartry, being accompanied by the sons of O Domnaill, Rugraide and Nechtain; and after they had dispersed in raiding-parties all over the country Nechtain was killed by a spear-cast.


O Domnaill, that is Magnus, went to attend the great


Council, taking with him his own brothers, Eicnechan and Donnchad [Cairbrech], whom he had previously held in captivity for a long time. These were released at the recommendation of the Justiciar and of the great Council and departed on terms of peace and gossipry with O Domnaill; and Conn O Domnaill, who had lived a long time among the Galls before this, now made peace with O Domnaill and then went to England to visit the King, from whom he had received great honours when he visited him before. O Domnaill returned safely from the Council this time.


Lifford Castle was seized by Cathair son of Tuathal and the descendants of Aed O Gallchobair, in whose guardianship it had been left by O Domnaill, and O Domnaill's door-keeper and his servants were expelled by them. O Domnaill and Calbach O Domnaill went out against them to recover the castle, and in the fighting between them and Calbach many people were killed; in particular Dubaltach son of Colla Mac Suibne was killed in this war; and much cattle and stock belonging to the descendants of Aed O Gallchobair was destroyed by O Domnaill in the neighbourhood of the castle.


Muirges son of Paidin son of Lochlainn son of Maelsechlainn O Mailchonaire, ridge-pole of History, bower of Poetry, revealer of all knowledge and wisdom to the disciples, chief institutor of learning in all the arts, a charitable, humane, rich, prosperous man, died with Unction and Penance, having triumped over the world and the Devil, and was buried under the protection of God and Patrick at Elphin.


The King of Scotland died at the beginning of his age and power—he had previously defeated the English—leaving no heir to succeed him but a baby girl just eight weeks old. The King of England obtained the ascendancy in Scotland after this.


The son of [the late] O Dochartaig, namely Cathair son of Geralt, was killed by the sons of [the reigning] O Dochartaig. They also killed the son of Aed Gruamda O Dochartaig. O Domnaill led out a great army against O Dochartaig, to punish him for these slayings, and took hostages of him afterwards as security for the fulfilment of whatever terms he might


impose. O Dochartaig captured Cathair son of Tuathal. [Balb] O Gallchobair and handed him over to O Domnaill, and O Domnaill himself captured Toirrdelbach son of Feidlim Finn O Gallchobair, and he took them to Lifford Castle; but this time he did not get the place for them.


The descendants of Eogan Mac Suibne and of Cormac Mac Donnchada went on a plundering excursion against O hEgra Buide. O Conchobair [of Sligo], Tadc [Oc] son of Tadc son of Aed, and O hEgra caught up with them and defeated them and the chief men of these Mac Sweenys were made prisoners, namely Ruaidri son of Dubgall and the sons of Maelmuire son of Eogan, and some of the descendants of Cormac Mac Donnchada were killed.


O Mailsechlainn, Feidlimid Oc, was killed by Mag Eochacain.


Mac Suibne na Tuath and his son Brian were captured by a fleet from West Connacht at Innsi Meic an Duirn and carried off in custody.


There was great war between Mag Uidir and the posterity of Toirrdelbach Mag Uidir, who destroyed much of Mag Uidir's property. He repaired to O Domnaill, and a fresh ratification of the peace was made between them, on the top of the peace which they had made before.


Macwilliam of Clanrickard, Ulick na gCenn, died this year and a great war broke out afterwards in Clanrickard for the lordship. Ulick son of Richard Oge was proclaimed Macwilliam.