Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1541


1541 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred two score and one years; and there was such hard frost and such heavy snow at the beginning of this year that no plowing or husbandry could be done in Ireland.


Tuathal Balb son of Sean son of Ruaidri O Gallachobair died, a councillor eminent among the nobles of Cenel Conaill.


O Domnaill went to Cavan to meet the English Justiciar and they made peace and entered into an alliance, O Domnaill being treated with honour and respect.


A great defeat was given by Mac Uigilin, Rugraide son of Ualter, to the sons of O Neill. Here Aengus son of Maelmuire Mac Suibne was killed, with many of the gallowglasses of Tir Conaill, as well as a battalion of the Clann Domnaill gallowglasses and many others on both sides, who are not enumerated here. Shortly after this Mac Uigilin went [again] with a large army against the sons of Aed O Neill and killed his sons Conn and Domnall.


O Cerbaill, Fer gan Ainm son of Maelruanaid, head of the bounty and valour of the posterity of Tadc son of Cian for his hospitality and nobility, was treacherously killed—a blind man—by the descendants of Sean O Cerbaill and by O Mailmuaid's son, that is Sean son of Domnall Caech. And though O Cerbaill was completely blind at this time he fought and defended himself well before he was killed.


The eastern crannog on Loch Glenna Dallain was taken by the sons of Domnall son of Donnchad O Ruairc from Donnchad son of Donnchad O Ruairc, and shortly afterwards the sons of Donnchad O Ruairc, namely Domnall and Fer gan Ainm, attacked the crannog and set it on fire without being discovered. But [as they left] they were noticed and the sons of Domnall pursued and caught up with them; Fer gan Ainm son of Donnchad was killed and drowned and Domnall was captured and afterwards hanged by the sons of Domnall O Ruairc.


An army was led by O Domnaill to meet the Justiciar in Tir Eogain. On this expedition they marched through the land, devastating it; and the Justiciar returned by way of Meath while O Domnaill turned back through Tir Eogain and arrived safely without having been encountered or engaged either on his advance or on his withdrawal.



Shortly after this O Domnaill went into Fermanagh, to the east of the Lake, devastating Cuil na nOirer and the eastern shore of [Upper] Loch [Erne]. [He attacked] both by land and water, for he had boats and ships sacking their islands while his own army devastated the land, so that he left them in great want of corn this year.


Shortly after this O Domnaill led another expedition into Fermanagh, westward of [Lower] Loch Erne. He sent his vessels upon the lake and himself proceeded by land with his army, so that they ravaged the country in concert till they came to Enniskillen. This time they demolished the castle and again returned with victory and triumph.


Domnall son of Niall Garb O Domnaill was killed by O Baigill, he having gone to help. Toirrdelbach, the son of O Baigill, against O Baigill. At first they put O Baigill to flight, and [then] O Baigill turned upon them and routed them, and it was in this rout that he killed the son of Niall [Garb]. And I am not at all sure that his death, that of Niall Garb's son, was not in the previous year.


Mac an Baird of Tir Conaill, Conchobar Ruad son of Fergal, eminent in poetry and in learning and one who kept an open guest-house, died after Unction and Penance.