Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1534


1534 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and thirty-four years.


Mac Eochada's, son, Donnchad son of Maelmuire, who by universal consent was the prospective ollav of the province of Leinster and who was the best man, for his labours, in every branch of the [poetic] art, and the most hospitable housekeeper, was unfortunately killed with one cast of a javelin by his mother's brothers, namely the sons of Tuathal.


Toirrdelbach Dub O Dimusaig was treacherously killed by his own kinsmen, namely Muirchertach Oc O Dimusaig and some


others, though he was under the protection of God and St. Eimhin; and Muirchertach Oc was himself killed shortly afterwards by O Morda, through the power of God and St. Eimhin.


Eogan son of Aed son of Niall son of Conn, the best prince of the posterity of Aed Buide [O Neill], was killed by Scots with an arrow shot on Strangford Loch.


Eogan son of Tadc son of Ruaidri Oc son of Ruaidri Caech Mac Diarmata, who had held the lordship of Moylurg for a year, a man full of bounty and nobility, an exultant plundering captain, one who never went to sleep without having taken a prey or enforced a concession from his reluctant foes, who bestowed wealth and high honour on the men of every art in proper measure, died, after Unction and Penance, on Mac Dermot's Rock. Aed son of Cormac son of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata was proclaimed lord in his stead, but the sons of Tadc Mac Diarmata afterwards captured the rock from him.


The Earl of Kildare, Gerald son of Gerald son of Thomas, went to England at the summons of the King of England and was put to death—the most renowned son of a Gall of his time in Ireland. And the Earl's son Thomas ravaged the people of the King of England, to avenge his father, in every part of Ireland where they were settled; he demolished the residences of every one of them in Monaghan and throughout Meath and exacted hostages from them, and the Archbishop of Dublin was killed in this war. An English Justiciar came from the King to Ireland and demolished most of the residences of the Earl's son and devasted the whole of Meath, both church and lay properties. Much damage was done on both sides, especially in the taking of Maynooth by the English Justiciar, where great numbers of the Earl's followers were killed.


O Conchobar Ruad, Tadc Buide son of Cathal Ruad, died this year and his son Toirrdelbach Ruad was proclaimed O Conchobar in his stead.


Brian son of Sean O Mailmuaid was treacherously killed by some of his own kindred.


O Gallchobair, Emain son of Eoin son of Tuathal, died suddenly this year.


Cormac son of Fergal Mac an Baird, an eminent poet of the most charitable and humane of his kindred, died of a sudden attack of sickness, after Unction and Penance.