Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1532


1532 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and thirty-two years.


O Domnaill went to meet the Justiciar, William Skeffington, and made peace and alliance with him. This English Justiciar came into Tir Eogain, demolished Dungannon and devastated the country.


And the Earl of Kildare, Gerald son of Gerald, came from England and brought with him his appointment by the King to the Justiciarship of Ireland.


O Domnaill entered Moylurg, having Mac Domnaill, that is Alasdrann son of Eoin Cathanach, with him. They carried out plunderings and burnings, and soon afterwards peace was made between them.


The sons of [the late] O Neill, that is Domnall and Tuathal sons of Art Oc, who had been long held in captivity by [the reigning] O Neill, were hanged by him this year.


Eogan son of Tigernan O Ruairc, an eminent gentleman and qualified for lordship by his nobility, hospitality and accomplishments, if God had granted him life and time, was killed by the sons of O Mailmiadaig in the convent of the Friars at Dromahaire.


The son of Mac Flannchaid, Toirrdelbach, was killed by his two brothers in front of Mag Flannchaid's residence; and O Ruairc, that is Brian son of Eogan son of Tigernan, ravaged much of Dartry on that account.


The daughter of Mac Suibne Fanad, Maire wife of O Baigill, died suddenly after falling off her horse in front of her own residence.


O Mailchonaire, Torna son of Torna, the best man that had held the ollavship of the Sil Murray, died. Conchobar son of


Domnall Ruad was proclaimed O Mailchonaire in his stead and died soon afterwards.


The sons of O Dubda took Ardnarea Castle from John Burke's son, and a great war broke out between them and the posterity of Richard Burke. There was much killing and raiding on both sides this year.


O Cerbaill, Maelruanaid son of Sean, the noblest and most magnificent Gael in Leth Mogha, the greatest damager of Galls and advancer of Gaels, the man who never refused a suppliant as long as he lived, died.


The Coarb of Fenagh, namely Brian, died.


Mac Uigilin, Uater son of Geroid, was killed in the church of Dunboe; Conchobar son of Enri O Cathain, a successful and very wealthy man, was burned there and Mac Con Uladh was taken prisoner. It was the sons of Domnall Cleirech O Cathain who did these deeds.


The Earl of Ormond's son, Thomas son of Piers Roe, was killed in Ossory by Diarmait Mac Gilla Patraic, eligible prince of Ossory. And this was very nearly ‘Mael Mor's deed’; for it was not long after this that Diarmait was delivered up by his own brother, that is by Mac Gilla Patraic, to the Ormond Earl, who put him in fetters in retaliation for [the murder of] his son and all the other wrongs which Diarmait had done him before.


Dub Chablaig daughter of Conchobar son of Ruaidri Buide, wife of Conchobar Oc son of Muirchertach, died.